This is a 50-caliber anti-tank rifle. Even her vectors won't be able to repel this bullet.

A sharpshooter unfamiliar with the power of plot armor

The AW50F is a .50 BMG anti-materiel rifle used by the Australian military.

In real life

The AW50F is a version of Accuracy International AW50 , which in turn is a variant of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, but with an Australian-produced barrel and a folding stock. It fires the multi-purpose Raufoss Mk 211 cartridge and other rounds.

In the series

The gun was used by a guard from the Diclonius Research Institute in a last ditch attempt to thwart Lucy's escape. Kurama ordered the strike from a sniper's perch.

The delivery power and shell type were meant to negate the nearly automatic defense offered by Lucy's powerful vectors, while the rifle's use on her while unawares was crucial to the success of any attack. But while arguably powerful enough to kill her, a combination of her restraint helmet and a sudden last-second awareness of her peril enabled Lucy to blunt a portion of the impact, though she did receive a life-threatening head wound. In addition, she began to exhibit a new, more docile personality as a result. In a way, this rifle can be called the father of Nyu.


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