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These are our side's Diclonius.

Nousou, Introducing the clones of Mariko

Alicia was one of four wholly viable clones of Mariko bred by Nousou at the Diclonius Research Institute and controlled with a device that rendered her docile and childlike.

In the manga

During the attack on the Maple House, Alicia received the direct order to seize Lucy, who was then in her Nyu persona. After mortally wounding Cynthia, an awakened Lucy wiped out most of the assault troops and brought down two attack helicopters hovering overhead. Alicia and Barbara kept the second helicopter from falling on Nousou, who naively began to believe that protecting him was now a natural part of their personalities when in fact it was merely a side effect of their mind-control devices. Lucy pummeled the clones with gunfire as they focused on protecting Nousou, and tore Alicia's body apart using a large rock. Alicia held on despite the loss of her arm and leg until finally, Lucy decapitated her with the lid of a stone lamp.


Vector Range: up to 10m (according to Nousou)

Strength: Unknown

Speed: see above

Vector Special Ability: see above

Kills: unknown