Attack Pretext ( 戦う理由 / たたかうりゆう / tatakau riyuu / Causes Of Battle ) is the forty-first chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Confronted by a trigger-happy Bando, Nana ignores him and begins to leave the pod, wondering why he wishes to fight her, not considering him a threat and remembering her promise to Kurama not to fight anyone. To her shock, a bullet of greater mass and density than her vectors can handle is fired at her, grazing her cheek.

Back at Maple House, Yuka wakes a sleepy Kouta not with a kick, but with a kiss. This tender moment is interrupted by the realization that a nude Nyu is also on Kouta's futon, leading to an argument between him and Yuka. Even more awkwardly, a curious Nyu kisses Yuka and begins to grope her breasts, imitating behavior she saw before, while Kouta finds himself awkwardly aroused by this. As Nyu's assault continues, Kouta is on the verge of stopping this when Mayu arrives and denounces all adults as dirty, only to find herself groped by Nyu as well, 'till Nyu seems disappointed in Mayu's immature breast size and walks off. A fuming Yuka warns Kouta to get the place tidied up for a visit by a friend of hers.

On the beach, Bando begins to taunt the wounded Nana and demands to hear what she knows about Lucy's whereabouts. Recalling Kurama's instructions to keep quiet about Lucy, Nana feigns ignorance, earning her Bando's wrath as he fires at her. Torn between the threat Bando poses and her promise to not fight anyone, she is further taunted by Bando that there is no place for her in this world, being a horned girl, and she must soon die. Seeming to hear a version of Lucy's inner voice, a despairing Nana decides it's okay to kill everyone, starting with Bando, and gathers her power to do so.


  • Yuka on this cover is wearing a short blouse and skirt, almost looking like a cheerleader.


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