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Backup Measure ( 残された手段 / のこされたしゅだん / nokosareta shudan / The Remaining Means ) is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Chief Kakuzawa watches the false satellite launch begin and declares the inability of anyone, even God, to stop him at this point as Arakawa watches the Diclonius-virus laden vessel prepare for launch.

Kouta and Nyu find themselves at the entrance to beachfront, Enoshima Park in Kamakura's oceanfront area, with the path being blocked by police officers as they look for Nana. Excited, Nyu either sees or senses Nana in the distance, and leaps the blockade to get her.

At the site of the missile strikes, Shirakawa relates the Chief's plan, in which she also says can now no longer be stopped, effectively dooming Humankind. She bemoans her lack of usefulness as a spy, and the depths to which she sank, now for no gain at all. Kurama berates her, saying that they can stop Kakuzawa if they can find and kill Lucy, the other great pillar of his agenda. To find her, he questions and interrogates Nana, asking if she knows where Lucy is. She is caught between disobeying her 'papa' and possibly endangering her friends at the Maple House, only to have the debate rendered useless by Nyu's arrival, who screams at and begs her to get home for dinner.

Realizing that Nyu is not like Lucy and cannot use her vectors, Kurama orders soldiers to hold her down, telling Shirakawa to call the Chief and let him know they have her as their hostage against stopping the satellite launch. But Mariko points out the streak of glinting metal and smoke in the air, with it passing over them before exploding, releasing the virus into the atmosphere.


  • A simple standard image of Nozomi waving graces this chapter's cover.