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Bobcat94 Bobcat94 5 March

Character Information

I was doing some scouting around yesterday, when I saw a few updates on Lynn Okamoto's Twitter feed. Normally I don't trust that site but it did give me some information that I was able to decipher about the birth dates of two Maple Inn residents: Kaede and Nozomi. Whether you will recognize this or not is up to you, but Okamoto himself confirmed it with help from the fandom in Japan.

According to the mangaka's posts, Kaede's birthday is tentatively July 2nd, and Nozomi's birthday falls on June 8th. But now you be the judge... what do you think of these secrets finally being revealed?

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Brown10101 Brown10101 5 July 2020

Chief Kakuzawa

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Gojirob Gojirob 30 April 2020

Diclonius On Vinyl

Look what I found on Walmart.com!


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Gojirob Gojirob 19 April 2020

The loss of an invaluable onine resource

The site Wikispaces, which hosted the anime transcript site we used as the basis for many of ours, has ceased to be. I am thankful for it being there and sparing us so much time in putting our transcripts together. I know this world is seeing greater and deeper losses as we speak, but these folks helped us, so I wanted their work acknowledged and thanked.

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Gojirob Gojirob 5 February 2020

Cool DBZ song parody from 'Camelot'

Would you ever think of Vegeta and Sir Lancelot in the same breath? Well, howdy...


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Bobcat94 Bobcat94 30 October 2019

Parallel Paradise

Well, after weeks of thinking and seeing the decent sales in Japan, I finally decided to read the opening chapter of Parallel Paradise, which is currently being serialized via Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine. With the nature of the story being far different from Lynn Okamoto's previous works of Elfen Lied and Brynhildr in the Darkness, which were serialized under Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump, this is a really strange story.

A world... where only women exists, because of an ancient curse from an angered deity. It's an interesting concept, but I still believe that Elfen Lied and Brynhildr in the Darkness are far superior. I'm also surprised that it's getting an English release via Seven Seas Entertainment in February 2020. When I say that, I…

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Forerunner Forerunner 17 September 2019

Elfen Lied vol.2 coming this month

For those not presently aware, Dark Horse acquired distribution rights to the Elfen Lied manga a while ago, and is in the process of translating the series for English language publication. Rather than translating and publishing the tankōbon editions, this "Omnibus" series will consist of three times as many issues per Volume. Volume 2 is analogous to the Japanese volumes 4-6. The first volume came out in May this year, though Volume 2 is to be released next week on Wednesday 25 September . We hope the arrival of the first official English adaptation will bring in new fans to this great series. Happy editing, 


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Gojirob Gojirob 7 February 2019

Alone In The Universe (Fanfic Preview)


By Rob Morris


He called himself Kami, not out of some grandiose sense of himself, but simply to have a name. He'd forgotten the importance of having one, and wondered where he had given up his. Now, though, he wished he were truly the Creator-Kami, because the vortex sucking him in thought he was a piece of straw.

The energy-thing had appeared in the dead middle of the Lookout, just before the howling figure in armor appeared and began to go at both him and Popo-San, though it was actually the lesser of the two threats, lesser being a relative thing.

*I am under siege. In one spot, it's the worst winter I ever endured, even atop that lonely mountain. In another spot, it's like one of the gre…

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Gojirob Gojirob 22 January 2019

Should the manga transcripts be abandoned?

1 - They are a lot of work, more than I ever dreamed possible

2 - Far from my fear of a crackdown on scanlation sites leaving us with no EL, we now have a North American release.

3 - They don't seem to get much attention.

What do all of you think?

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Gojirob Gojirob 15 December 2018

Transcripts are open for editing!

The anime and manga transcripts are available to any registered user who wishes to work on them.

Anime Transcripts 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and OVA all need to be completed.

Manga Transcripts 3 through 107 and bonus stories have yet to be created.

All I ask is that you try and use the previously established formats. Thanks!

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Gojirob Gojirob 26 August 2018

The time has come to admit failure...

I was excited when Funko Pop released generic male and female figures that fans could customize. I thought, finally, I can create the EL characters that they have so far overlooked.

But it didn't go. This was the result of my attempt at Lucy.

I thought that by going for helmeted Lucy, I could do a little bit better, but you can see that led nowhere. Folks, I am sorry. I wanted something that could at least be said to be creative, and everything about it is a joke, a bad joke.

At least with the manga's official release, the popularity of Stranger Things and her appearance in Death Battle, maybe Funko will decide to make the EL characters after all. Hopefully better than this.

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Gojirob Gojirob 11 July 2018

Our Dark Horse has finally come in...biggest news ever!

As Stan 'The Man' Lee would say, get ready true believers:


This time for sure!

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Gojirob Gojirob 26 March 2018

I kind of felt like Kouta...

A couple of years ago, I took some help from my mother and signed up for courses in Medical Coding and Billing. After about a year, I passed my two initial courses, being Anatomy and Biology. Then came CPB Training itself. 

I swear, some force beyond our understanding seemed to not want me to focus on this. I could not turn a corner in 2016 and for much of 2017 without something getting in the way, not the least of which were my own doubts, and lack of self-confidence. I all but gave up a few times. My personal life (a new job site to adjust to as my company transferred to a larger facility, my father's terminal illness and ultimate passing almost a year ago, aiding both my parents with projects, having to try and improve my health after ge…

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Gojirob Gojirob 26 September 2017

A Review - Here Come The Brides - A Christmas Place

I originally posted this on Christmas Specials Wiki:

The very first time I heard anything about the characters and situation of 'Here Come The Brides', I didn't even know I was reading about them, and the first time I heard something from it, I didn't realize what I was hearing.

Full stop. Sometime around 1979, a NYC-area radio station with talk and music would sometimes play 'Seattle' by Perry Como. I liked this song, and still do, but I had no idea it had once been the theme for a 1968-1970 Western drama called 'Here Come The Brides'. To be accurate, the version on the show never had Como's version and HCTB actor Bobby Sherman sung his own version, although Perry Como had the hit with it, this in an era (1969) when an older-school crooner …

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Sannse Sannse 12 September 2017

Seeking Volunteer Curators

Hey Elfen Lied Wiki community!

I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, Fandom.com and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the anime subreddit or follow anime news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

We're looking for people like you to help us round out our anime coverage - everything f…

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Yuuki Hakura Yuuki Hakura 26 July 2017

Ame Ketsueki

Age: Unknown 

Gender: Male 

Race: Diclonius 

Familiars: None 

Status: Alive 

Appearance: He has light pink hair, dark pink eyes, white skin like most of his kind and he has white cat ear like horns sticking out of each side of his head and he wears a black hoodie, blue jeans, and white and black sneekers. Hobbies: Killing and helping other diclonius. 

Hates: Humans 

Personality: Ame is first shown to be a silent and loner type but in reality he's a cold blooded and sadistic killer. Although he shows little to no emotion he loves to kill and won't hesitate to strike down his victims any chance he get's. Like most diclonius he loves to cut limbs with his vectors but he only does it to torture his victims if he feels that they deserve to suffer befo…

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Yuuki Hakura Yuuki Hakura 25 July 2017


Age: 14-15

Gender: Male 

Race: Diclonius

Familiars: None 

Status: Alive 

Appearance: Unlike most diclonius he has long purple that he usually ties up into a ponytail, slightly tanned skin, pinkish brownish eyes, and he has cat ear like horns sticking out of his head and he wears mostly a black muscle shirt with long black jeans and he wears some black slip on shoes. He also wears some other outfits.

Hobbies: Surviving and trying to earn respect.

Hates: Being disrespected or unacknowledgable.

Personality: Iroha first comes of as serious but he's actually very friendly once you get to know him. Unlike most diclonius he refuses to give into his killer instincts and he only uses his vectors when absolutely necessary. He refuses to use them against hum…

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Gojirob Gojirob 2 July 2017

Our Thestral Series

In Harry Potter lore, a Thestral is a winged beast of burden resembling a horse - if you haven't personally seen a death. Once you have, you see them as they really are. Still oddly magnificent, they become in your eyes a skeletal dark steed. You will now never see them as regular if winged horses ever again, and you have a hard time conveying to others what they now look like to you.

I think with this in mind, I may have figured out one of the dividers between Elfen Lied fans and at least some of the haters or at least the dismissers. In short, if you haven't been bullied, you cannot see that EL is not as far over the top as some claim. If you haven't experienced that kind of deep down, be-afraid, you-are-hunted, you-are-not-wanted-and-nev…

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Gojirob Gojirob 10 June 2017

The Caped Crusader leaves us

Growing up, the Gray Ghost was my hero. He still is, and he always will be. Farewell, Old Chum. The heavenly express is leaving, with atomic batteries to power, and turbines to speed.

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Gojirob Gojirob 8 April 2017

A Protector's Lament

Some years back, my recently-passed father, Bob Morris, told me something that startled me.

You see, back in school, I had a very hard time with the other kids. Maybe some of them would put a different spin on it, but I don't care much what that might be. Unsurprising for an Elfen Lied fan, I was bullied and harassed, whatever you want to call it. The fact remained, a lot of people went out of their way to make me endlessly miserable on a continual basis. After a time, the school staff wasn't much help, and the teasing often became attacks. Much like our girl Lucy, I frequently made them regret those attacks, but that only meant they mostly pulled back and ran away after starting in. They got very good at that.

To this day, I can't watch fic…

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Gojirob Gojirob 4 April 2017

Robert Morris, Sr., 1940-2017

I'll say more at a time when I'm not exhausted. My father, Bob Morris, succumbed today to gastro-intestinal cancer. He gave me so much, and he will be missed.

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Gojirob Gojirob 23 March 2017

The small dog seen here...

She was annoying, only knew how to get underfoot, and was the second most chronic attention-seeker I have ever known. She wanted to jump on absolutely everyone, the exception being my great-nephew Jayden, who chased her around. She was also sweet, loving, and always brought a smile to my face--mostly. She never really got that she wasn't a puppy anymore. She was my Dad's second cocker spaniel, replacing a dog named Cookie.

My Dad and my Step-Mom moved to a new, much smaller place, not the bi-level with a large yard she was used to. She took badly to it, and all the signs of old age she had been showing became far worse, senility, lack of bladder control, and digestive problems.

My Dad has Stage IV Cancer in three areas, and while managed, hi…

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Gojirob Gojirob 18 January 2017

Gojirob's Christmas Excise Tax

I have for six years written for the Christmas Specials Wiki, and in that time, have run afoul on multiple occasions of its admin, User Jeremy Creek. He has a style for the wiki and enforces it without comment or debate. That may be his right, but I've reached the last of my patience with it. In short, he cuts out anything that does not directly relate to the Christmas special, movie, or episode in question, or if he just doesn't like it. Now for some of the edits that's fine, but he goes way too far. So with the pointlessness of getting mad, I'm getting even.  

From now on, every time he excises something I put in and felt was relevant, I'm posting it here. Starting with the latest.

Karen from Frosty The Snowman (Trivia added)

Towards the en…

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Gojirob Gojirob 30 December 2016

Goodbye, My Princess...

This is the one and only fic I ever wrote featuring her character, so enjoy. It's an xover with Star Trek, featuring two supporting characters from TNG and DS9, as well as our classic heroes. Please enjoy, and think of Carrie and Debbie only in good ways.

Story Notes: Occurs sometime after the DS9 episode 'Q-Less'. See endnotes for more continuity.


by Rob Morris

Okona pressed his luck.

"I was the one who told that Ferengi partner of yours where to find you on Risa."

Vash didn't answer. Didn't even tell him to shut up. So he tried again.

"So, I'm talking to Kirk, Archer and Pike, and each bet me their Enterprise that I couldn't get you in the sack before the end of this month."

Okona had known Vash long before either of them met Picard.…

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Gojirob Gojirob 26 December 2016

Mission accomplished (Largely)

No wiki's work is ever done; tweaks beget tweaks, and some major addition means new errors and outdated info to ferret out.

But I'm pleased to say that I have accomplished the following in the last month or so :

  • Each manga chapter summary now has a short sentence in its trivia section explaining the sometimes off-putting images on the cover; some needed it, some didn't, but now they're all done.
  • Wherever appropriate, page quotes sit atop and at bottom of every non-summary article, save a few which are the personal projects of other admins.
  • Infoboxes are now the rule in most pertinent articles
  • Multiple navboxes are on most pages, exposing some of our lesser-known articles to the light of day.
  • The completed annotated anime episode transcripts 1 th…
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GaiaDiclonius GaiaDiclonius 11 December 2016

I'm just chilling

Nothing much just sitting 

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Gojirob Gojirob 30 October 2016

Good News!

Linkara, of Atop The Fourth Wall, retweeted my essay on Kouta's Addlement. This can only bring in new readers and users.

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Gojirob Gojirob 24 October 2016

Review All Articles!

Now that we're at the number we strove for, the time has come to review all existing articles, to strengthen, enrich and correct the existing articles.

My problem is, besides the size of the project, is that I wrote most of the articles here, or a large enough amount of them for it to be the same thing. It's hard for me to judge my own work. So what I ask of all here is simple, and I think fair : Just glance over the articles. Look for anything glaringly off. Fictional Examples :

1 - The chapter/episode summary in question says that Kouta got up, bit into an apple, and threw it at the wall in frustration. You remember it differently, and a check reveals it was Nozomi who got up, it was a pomegranate, and she just dropped it back onto the tab…

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Gojirob Gojirob 27 September 2016

Return To The Lair Of The Gojirob...

...if you dare! These are from my brother's display case, chock full of (mostly) advertising icons. Capitalism has its flaws, but we make way cool advert mascots!

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Gojirob Gojirob 23 September 2016

Plans for the present

1 - I've reserved the Character Journey I'm calling 'Kouta's Addlement' for the future. Since this would be my fourth, it will also be my last, to be fair, since there just aren't that many characters who merit such an article.

2- Now that we're at that magic number, 400, let's drill down and re-check all the existing articles. Minor stuff, just correct. Anything egregious, I'm going to create a forum just for major corrections, since some things are not fact but opinion or extrapolation.

3 - I'd like to have a creator article for Seiji Kishimoto, who aided LO when the characters were redesigned for the anime. It may be that technically, we need a 401st article to cross the threshold at AnimeManga Wiki, and this one would be appropriate, pro…

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Gojirob Gojirob 19 September 2016

Reserving next Character Journey

I would like my next Character Journeys article to be about Kouta's memories, unless someone has a prior claim.

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Hauptman Hauptman 15 September 2016

'Progyn of Sorrows' chapter 25 preview

Well as it seems that we can post a little bit of fanfic here I'll post a sample of my latest chapter for my story 'Progeny of Sorrows'.


Nozomi waited with baited breath as she watched Kyou cast an intense stare at the various ingredients they were going to need for the planned special dinner. "Are those the rights ones? Are you sure?"

It only earned her a quick gesture from Kyou to be quiet as she was busy searching for just those ingredients that were nothing less than perfect.

Carefully inspecting each and every single potato and carrot that she came across Kyou took great care to select only those examples she deemed worthy. Nozomi was simply amazed as she didn't know one could be this critical when it came to selecting vegetables, t…

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GohanLSSJ2 GohanLSSJ2 15 September 2016

Children of Destruction - Chapter 16 Preview

Hello everybody. Seeing as it's valid to present small fanfiction material, I thought I could present a teaser of the next chapter for my Elfen Lied/Dragon Ball Z crossover, Children of Destruction.

Well... I hope you guys enjoy it...


While the shining golden sun rose across the towering facades of the buildings and the back alleys of Kamakura, the residents of Maple Inn slowly started waking up. In a couple of hours the highway would be clogged with the rush of automobiles, and the sidewalks jammed with the bustle of the various pedestrians on the way to work and school. The weekend was a day away, and, across the city, a feeling of peace and tranquillity seemed to slowly be settling over the tiny haml…

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Gojirob Gojirob 13 September 2016

Tenderness Is Not Allowed To Persist (Gojirob EL Ficlet)

Tenderness Is Not Allowed To Persist

by Rob Morris


Mayu was a dutiful girl, always trying to be good.


Since good was defined by never upsetting Mama, this was hard. She even began to wonder if she was the kind of person who deserved to have bad things happen to her.


She wanted to talk to her Papa, but Papa was already talking with his brother, her uncle. It sounded like sad stuff, so she didn't interrupt (a dutiful girl never would).


"So you were there? At the Festival? You could tell a little brother these things, man."


Uncle smiled, and made sure to smile at Mayu, which made her smile.


"Got an idea. Why doesn't Mayu-chan go and see her Aunt and the new baby? I'll bet they'd really both like that!"


The little girl got up, and nodded enthus…

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Gojirob Gojirob 11 September 2016

The Severing (Fan Ficlet based in my stories)


The Severing

by Rob Morris


The man's question was cut off along with his head. His murderer knew she had a day or two at best before either the family's absence or the smell was noted.

"All of Kanto must like spoiled milk! Maybe they have cocoa powder to mix it with?"

No cocoa, only strawberry. The powder was the same color as her hair, and always giving her this had been a joke to the orphanage attendants. Lots of things had.

"Yeah. I should have tripped the gas main or something, before I left. But then, I wouldn't have met him, would I?"

She actually tried to feel bad for these people. They had done her no wrong--at least in part because she hadn't given them a chance to, but still.

"Too bad, but there's no way they were like you are--Kouta.…

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Gojirob Gojirob 23 August 2016

For personal reasons...

...my fanfiction.net PM is no longer to be used to discuss Wiki business.

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Gojirob Gojirob 12 August 2016

I am considering suspending comments on pages

The article pages are now becoming cluttered, plus many sites use these comments only for talk about the articles themselves, not the series in question; that is to say, they will say, this should have a separate listing for the personality or powers, or something else structural.

We have forums, and they are badly underutilized. These are the appropriate place for long discussions of things, many of which we on our level can never EVER hope to resolve. I don't wish to damp down the enthusiasm of any users, but it is also a bad fit for articles meant to inform, especially when we have a place specifically set aside for such discussions.

Please remember, we have no official connection whatsoever to the series. Our wishes and suggestions will …

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Gojirob Gojirob 9 August 2016

Guilty Pleasure - The Ghost Busters (1975)

I'd be lying if I said this was a lost classic. But it definitely has its moments. The two lead actors, Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch, have comic timing and the ability to make corny groaner jokes almost work. Bob Burns, playing Tracy The Gorilla, makes the schtick work for this non-speaking role. Repetitive? Oh, HELL yeah! Bad sets? Check and double-check. Routines that are the reason vaudeville died screaming? Yup. SPFX that were neither S nor P? You got it.

But the shows got a guest list busting wide with talent. Bernie Kopell, aka Siegfried from Get Smart and Doc on The Love Boat. Kathy Garver, Cissy on Family Affair and Firestar on Spider-Man. Stanley Adams, Cyrano Jones from The Trouble With Tribbles. Two future Seinfeld actors. Mik…

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Gojirob Gojirob 24 July 2016

Lair Of The Gojirob

Enter - if you dare! The one pic is of my animated Batmobiles collection, most from collectors' trap Eaglemoss, with their own cases and lenticular displays taken from the animated series in question. They are all 1/43 scale, the exception being the 1/50 scale first 'Super Friends' Batmobile from 1973-1978. Eaglemoss, sadly, has ended its production of Batman Automobilia, so neither that nor the later 'Super Powers/Challenge' Super Friends -mobile will be made by them. Two others are 1/18 scales of the 1966 Classic TV Batmobile with an Adam West Batman figure, coupled with the Super Powers-Challenge Of The Super Friends plastic-but-awesome 1984 piece with those versions of Batman and Robin. The final one is my NECA Toys Nintendo Godzilla f…

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Gojirob Gojirob 28 June 2016

From days of long ago...

Without spoilers, let me offer up an enormously positive review of the new Netflix series, Voltron : Legendary Defender. Based on the 1981 Toei anime Beast King GoLion's American Dub/Adaptation, Voltron, Defender Of The Universe, this series is the first animated version to do a reboot of the concepts, rather than attempt a continuation of the first series. Since so many elements of the 1984 series were forced by censorship and the limits of dubbing, this is one of those times when a clean break is called for, and this one is handled enormously well, with plot details and premises thought out and followed through on. The villains are no pushovers, nor are they incompetent. This is by the same crew that brought us Avatar and Korra, and the app…

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Gojirob Gojirob 21 June 2016

A very difficult choice...

What I said last year will now become a reality. If I fail to complete my medical billing studies, I will have wasted a gift from someone, and also I will regret it for the rest of my life. If anyone wants specifics, they can PM me at Fanfiction.net. But long story short, I need to suspend my wiki and my fic work entirely until this is done. Please only contact me if it is critical.

Some instructions for my absence :

1 - Just ban spammers, after you have determined that's who they are. A whole year.

2 - Character Journeys should be the last new series of articles until we're ready to tackle manga transcripts, and that is sometime off. Now, individual one-offs are fine, but choose these carefully.

3 - Show each other the courtesy and support yo…

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Gojirob Gojirob 5 June 2016

This review deserves some attention :

The Rowdy Reviewer takes us back to ABC's The Day After, maybe more needed now than it was then : http://www.manic-expression.com/tv-trash-the-day-after/

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Gojirob Gojirob 21 May 2016

Bless HIs Bagpipes

At the appreciable age of 96, an actor named Alan Young passed this week. He was not a man you might have known right away, but you may have heard of the show where he played straight man to a talking horse named Mister Ed. I'll bet its either one of those shows that everyone knows or knows about, or its so old or so uniquely American few do now. In any event, that was the role he played before I was born, and in reruns throughout my childhood.

Sometime around when I became an adult, though, this man chose to become the richest duck in the world. From Ducktales through to its remake videogame in 2013, Alan Young was the voice of Donald Duck's loving skinflint uncle, overseer of Huey, Dewey, Louie, and the biggest child of all, Launchpad McQ…

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Hauptman Hauptman 18 May 2016

New toy arrived, going deeper into the GuP madness

So today a nice big box arrived from customs adressed to me, oh boy I wonder what I could be.

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Gojirob Gojirob 8 May 2016

I wrote this video...

...sort of. The original article I wrote for Lost Media Wiki has been transposed almost word for word. I feel so minor-league cool!


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Gojirob Gojirob 24 April 2016

We have a lot of good articles...

...but I feel like a lot of these get overlooked. Maybe that's just the way it is, but I have an idea if they just aren't known of.

As we go through the wiki, we should find chapters, episodes and character articles, which tend to have long listing navboxes. In those articles, placed just on top of the main appropriate navbox, we should place an navbox from a subject related to that character, chapter or article. For example, Father of a New Race could have 'Science & Super-Science' articles listing. The Girl's Past or Memories That Can't Be Killed could have the Essays navbox, since one deals with child abuse and another essay, amnesia.

I leave this all up to our able users, with one catch. Only one 'extra' navbox per page, and that extra s…

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Gojirob Gojirob 1 April 2016

Fair Use is under Heavy Siege!

The concept of fair use is supposed to protect review sites and the like, but outdated loopholes in the existing internet copyright law is making the lives of the YouTubers we follow impossible. Whether it is opportunism from YT's vague strike laws or a concerted effort to destroy fair use, the result is the same. Listen to this, and let your voice be heard, because let's face it, Wikia lives and breathes from Fair Use, and as the man once said of those targeted by the Nazis, let's not wait until they come for us. Listen and learn : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoIL5qUI1p8

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Gojirob Gojirob 28 February 2016

I want a lightsaber too!

All jokes aside, Villians Wiki has a stylized cursor that looks like a 'Sith Red' lightsaber, and I'd like something specialized for here--a vector arm with red on the hand? I don't know how you get a special cursor, but I'd like one.

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SPRachen SPRachen 23 February 2016

Voice Cast Lists

I've created pages for the French, German, and Spanish voice casts, based off of the information provided from the Anime News Network page. Other folks are encouraged to fill in the voice cast list.

If anyone can find official cast lists for other language dubs, I'll happily create pages for those as well. ANN says there are Dutch and Russian dubs, but doesn't list their actors. If you can find official sources, please refer them here and content will be created to house it.


In the case of a specific language dub having more than one cast if it's dubbed by more than one company, just list them in subgroups. For clarification, please see the following example:

  • 1 Group A
    • 1.1 Voice Actor A
    • 1.2 Voice Actor B
  • 2 Group B
    • 2.1 Voice Actor C
    • 2.2 Voice Actor …

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Gojirob Gojirob 21 February 2016

Loving The Kakuzawas for their flaws

I've come across what I view as an increasing problem in 'quest' shows, at least here in the US.

Now, I tend not to watch quest shows, as a rule. As I may have said here before, I have way too many childhood memories of shows cancelled well before the goal is even in sight, or sometimes tantalizingly close. But now I have a new bug-a-boo, and its sadly a result of good writing practices.

Hyper-competent villains.

They are tech and wealth-stacked, armored on levels physical, legal, and public opinion, and no one in their evil organization objects in the slightest to instantly carrying out the most ruthless of orders. Which is fine. They're bad people. They should be like this.

You don't want bad guys who overlook something obvious or who are in…

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