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Boy Meets Girl ( ボーイ・ミーツ・ガール ) is the seventy-eighth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Bando recounts his life of violence and distance from other human beings, lived without regret and with the knowledge that no one would ever cry for him when he died.

But, in the present, Mayu is indeed crying over his body, which was sliced in two when he shielded her from Lucy's attempt to kill her, an act that makes no sense to him at all. He demands to know where Lucy is. Mayu lies and says that he successfully killed Lucy. He then proudly laughs over his supposed victory and asks Mayu how she will ever repay this debt. She replies that she can't, but then gently kisses him on the lips, saying that she adores him, no matter her problems when it comes to dealing with men. With this, Bando questions the reason for saving her at such cost and why he put up with her all along--he finds he wanted someone to grieve over him after all. Vowing not to die and charging her not to cry over him just yet, Bando does indeed close his eyes and stop breathing, with Mayu tearfully begging him not to die.

Nana pulls Mayu away from the scene before the authorities arrive. Nana holds her sobbing friend, vowing to kill Lucy next time, even if she is Nyu at the time. After they leave, the mentally-shattered Kurama emerges from the wood-pile shelter and stands over Bando's body, mourning another loss.

In the forest, Lucy's vectors manage to yank out the spiked poisoned ball Bando fired into her, but she is bitterly exhausted and falls asleep. The next morning, Mayu honors Bando's memory by cleaning up the beachfront, vowing not to cry and to keep that beach clean until he keeps his promise.


  • A picture at the chapter's end shows Bando walking away, offering the "peace" sign as he goes. In Japan, the sign can mean "victory" due to the V shape of the fingers or is the gesture equivalent of the English-language phrase "cheese!" for photographs.
  • A once more nude Lucy/Nyu is seen from behind, in a picture filtered for Wikia's Terms of Service.