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For written and drawn works based on Elfen Lied outside of the direct or authorized works of Lynn Okamoto.

Authors and artists may create their own pages here, and link to their work on other sites.

1 - This Wiki is NOT to be used for posting fan fiction or art--just a description of the works and links to them; A user may choose to upload a single signature piece of art, but please make sure it is SFW.

2 - While Elfen Lied is a mature manga and anime, the Wiki should be in a relatively all-ages state. If your story or art is to be rated M or above, please link only to the overall page the work is on, and not directly to it. Use your own judgement on subject matter. Mayu's painful memories might be allowable, so long as they were not too graphic, but a story that depicted her with Kouta while she was still underage would have to be a page-link, not a direct-story link. If your art contains sex or nudity, while this is hardly unknown in Elfen Lied, please just make the potential visitor to your site aware.

3 - The user may take a paragraph or two to speak of their philosophy of art or storytelling for EL, and describe any original characters they might have. Be prepared for pushback, if, for example, Kouta leaves both Yuka and Lucy for your new Diclonius.

4 - Things should be kept civil. Fanworks pages, once created, will be protected so that only registered users may alter them. This is not an arena for praise or crit. This is to be a central clearing-house to let EL fans know that the works of fellow fans are available to be clicked.

5 - Do not demand people click on your page. In a field of Elfen Lied fan-material, let others come to your works and see for themselves what you have to offer.

6 - In order to keep the search engine clear for the other parts of the wiki, please prefix your user name when making a fanworks page with FW- , as in FW-Gojirob, or FW-ILoveLucy, etc.

7 - Be sure and add your new page to the Fanworks category listing at the bottom of the page. This will protect the page from vandalism by unregistered users.

8 - NEVER cite your fanworks' original ideas in main articles. Not a word, not a hint. Fanworks are fanworks, and canon is canon, and never the two shall meet, or I will render unto you a ban.

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