Center and Fringe ( 中心と周縁 / ちゅうしんとしゅうえん / chuushin to shuuen / Center And Periphery ) is the one-hundred-second chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters one-hundred-two through one-hundred-six is also available.


The military and intelligence command of the Japanese government convenes a war council to review the events surrounding the destruction of the Diclonius Research Institute, and the subsequent release of neutrons as it sank. They also predict that if a living creature somehow caused all of those massive casualties, then it must be pushing itself beyond its limit. They even ponder about why Chief Kakuzawa made a research facility on that island, and why they can't contact him. Word then comes that the lighthouse explosion is taking place on the mainland.

On the lighthouse tower, Kurama falls off of the platform fragment that he was standing on, and cries out for Nana. Nana joyfully leaps up and catches him in the nick of time. After the rescue, she then wonders about Kouta's fate, still stranded at the top of the blasted tower.

Sensing the explosion aboard the First Escort Fleet, the first Saseba operative is stunned to learn that their vaunted Vector Attack Craft has fearfully shut down rather than to face Lucy in her current state. Arakawa, who predicted that the craft was no match for Lucy, begins to laugh her head off. Reaching sight of Enoshima Park, the view of the power storm raised by Lucy's out of control vectors stuns those aboard the ship as well as the nearby Nana and Kurama, who is tying up his arm-stump.

Tremendous power always comes with a price, and not many can pay it.

In the midst of the ensuing storm is Lucy, holding the dying Kouta and declaring that she has endured enough pain and suffering from the world, and will now destroy it. Her amplified vectors lash out across Kamakura, and strike down buildings and people alike, leading to a full emergency mobilization of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. Aboard the ships of the fleet, the admiral and his subordinates overpower the secondary operative and seize back control of the ship.

Lucy holds Kouta in her arms and vows to crush the entire world in revenge for her pain, but as her power begins to rise even further, her left hand melts off at the wrist, causing her to remember Kakuzawa's warning about overusing her vectors. She cries out in a combination of frustration, rage, and agony.

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