Chieko Ochi (née Kawabe) is a J-Pop Idol singer, model, radio host and actress. Among her hits is Be Your Girl, which was used as the ending theme to the Elfen Lied anime series.  This song was her first song as a singer at the age of 17.

This led to other anime song work, and her career has been a respectable one. She now uses the family name of her producer husband, Masato Ochi. Her other claims to fame are playing Naru Osaka, Usagi's best friend, in the tokusatsu TV series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and playing Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon musicals.

Be Your Girl is played against the backdrop of memorable animation by Rin Shin for ARMS Corporation, using as their inspiration the paintings of Gustav Klimt. The music in the Elfen Lied anime opening and ending, sung by Ms. Chieko Kawabe as well as opera singer Kumiko Noma provide much of the mood of the often somber, bittersweet series and is often cited among the series' strengths.

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