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Clash ( 激闘 / げきとう / gekitou / A Fierce Fight ) is the fourteenth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Nana vows to make Lucy suffer in the name of her 'papa,' Kurama. Lucy, in turn, uproots and hurls an entire tree, stunning Nana with her raw power, while she barely manages to dodge it. However, an attack from behind on Lucy's part is fended off by Nana, who boasts that she could have easily killed her opponent any number of times in different ways. Lucy seems to think over Nana's amazing power and skill while rubbing her sore jaw.

Nearby, Mayu and Wanta visit a bakery stand run by a kindly woman who gives them bread crumbs, with Mayu claiming that they are only for Wanta. She decides to eat in the hills, pretending it is Wanta's suggestion.

That's not all she can do, Nana...which you'll see for yourself soon enough.

Nana again makes an offer to take Lucy back to the Diclonius Research Institute, stating confidently that the longer range of her 'arms' makes Lucy's defeat inevitable. The fight between the two Diclonii begins in earnest, with Lucy hurling large stones at a shocked Nana, who starts walking the edge of being completely overwhelmed and regretting her earlier efforts at mercy. Angrily rising to meet her in the air, Nana ends up batted back.

Her cries of pain and shock alert Mayu, eating at the bottom of the opposite stairwell, who goes to investigate and sees Lucy, recognizing her as Nyu from the Maple House. She approaches the battle scene, where Nana is becoming frightened of Lucy's skill. Desperate to come up with a strategy to disable Lucy, Nana reluctantly plans to use her greater range to sever a nerve in Lucy's leg. She is distracted by the arrival of Mayu, who pleads for them to stop fighting. Nana, in turn, begs Mayu not to get any closer, which distracts Nana long enough for Lucy to cut off her right leg, severely incapacitating her.


  • Dichotomous from the chapter story inside, Nana on the cover is relaxed, and even appears to be shopping. This image might be from a future time, featuring a happy, more worldly Nana.