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Communication ( 伝達 / でんたつ / dentatsu / Transmission ) is the eighty-first chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Determined not to let Kouta get away again, Arakawa pounces on him and pins him down, but fails to realize that she never put on any undergarments, leaving her and Kouta in a very awkward posItion.

At the Diclonius Research Institute, Chief Kakuzawa asks Nousou whether the operation to recapture Lucy is ready, and alarms Nousou by saying that he will head up the operation since only he can control the clones of Mariko. An agent assigned to aid him introduces themselves by placing a gun at the back of Nousou's head, where they exchange quips until Kakuzawa calls a halt.

At the University, an embarrassed Arakawa declares that she merely forgot her panties, and then becomes enraged that Kouta, who ran off just the previous day, is now coming to her for advice, and demands he shows her where Nyu lives. She loses heart when Kouta relates how a man with sunglasses turned up at his home and took Nyu away. Kouta is referring to Bando, but Arakawa is certain he means the Unknown Man, which tells her she lost her bet. Her crying and moaning before Kouta are interrupted by a phone call telling her that the Unknown Man is dead, relieving her and reviving her hopes of being the one who causes Lucy's capture. Arakawa again demands that Kouta yields up all the information that he knows about Lucy, pointing to his visit with her as proof that he cannot handle a Diclonius, especially Lucy, and that he and his friends will suffer if he persists in protecting her. Kouta instead resolves not to allow his feelings of helplessness stand in the way of protecting what he cares about. Arakawa still warns him to stay alert on all fronts.

Nyu wanders, hearing replays of the words of those who have recently said that she is a remorseless, nigh-unstoppable killing machine. Returning to the beach as Nyu for the first time since her escape she feels the familiarity of the place but cannot place it, till she hears a sound that startles her. Observing her from inside the wood-pile shelter is the mentally-deranged Kurama.

Severely distracted by worry over Nana and Nyu and refusing again to believe Nyu is or could be a killer, Kouta fails to notice that Arakawa has trailed him, intending to let her superiors know of his existence and where he lives, so as to remove Lucy from possibly interfering with her plans. The forces hunting Lucy would now know exactly where to strike.


  • Kouta makes one of his rare appearances on this chapter's cover, seemingly dressed for the chillier weather, perhaps because the final third of the series takes place during winter.