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Connection ( つながり / tsunagari ) is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Arakawa wakes up from a panic attack, followed by the discovery of the late Professor Kakuzawa's dead body. She is unable to reconcile herself to the sight of his horns, especially given the research they were doing and his own, sometimes strident insistence that anyone so afflicted must be sent away and put down. Additionally, the timeline of him having these horns, which are passed on by parents, does not fit with the disease's supposed recent emergence. Wishing to preserve his family privacy and honor, she calls a contact number that he once provided to inform his family, a call that seemingly reaches the Diclonius Research Institute.

On the island, Kurama, in turn, tells Chief Kakuzawa, who rebuffs an offer to examine the corpse. He also mentions that, since her battle with Nana, Lucy appears to have been laying low. Without missing a beat, Kakuzawa firmly and directly orders him to kill Nana since he considers her usefulness to have reached its limit and even goes further to argue that she poses as a threat, her behavior and history aside. He then reinforces the order with a vague threat against the life of the director's real daughter.

Back at the Maple House, Kouta and an insistent Yuka resolve to search for Nyu, with Kouta still keeping his silence about the events at the lab. To her delight, he does not try and stop her from going with him on the search. Mayu, whose school day had ended much earlier than normal, offers to search the beach with Wanta.

Contemplating his orders from Chief Kakuzawa to kill Nana, Kurama is reminded by Shirakawa that today is his daughter's birthday, giving him a death gift in her honor. He then proceeds to scare the new secretary with the tale of how he murdered his infant daughter in front of his wife, bringing about her suicide.

On the beach, Mayu searches and plays with Wanta, briefly worried about the woman claiming to be his real owner returning. Instead, they run into Bando, who stands disdainfully and complains about the ocean's pollution.


  • This chapter offers contradictory information about Kurama's biological daughter and is the first to indicate that his initial account of events may not be accurate. Also, despite Mayu's brief worry about Wanta's supposed actual owner coming back to the beach, that character never again appears in the series.
  • As opposed to this chapter, the anime version has Kurama putting off not a frightened secretary, but Shirakawa herself.
  • The chapter cover features Mayu, holding a broom horizontally between her hands. She is wearing the clothes she ran away in, something for the most part not seen on her in-series after she moved into Maple House.