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Contact ( 接触 / せっしょく / sesshoku / An Encounter ) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters forty through forty-seven is also available.


At the Maple House, Kouta and Yuka are concerned for Mayu, who has been away for longer than she normally should have. As they talk, Nyu tries to sing to emulate Nozomi, who is asked and agrees to teach her how to sing. The song she picks is Elfenlied, which Nyu picks up with surprising ease, speed, and talent.

At Jouju-in Cemetery, Mayu asks Nana if she knows Nyu, since they both have horns, and mentions the day of the battle on the stone steps near the cemetery. Even though she cannot feel Lucy's presence, Nana comes to the conclusion that she must meet Nyu to make sure she isn't Lucy, despite her promise to Kurama to forget about her.

Tired and sweaty from teaching Nyu to sing, Nozomi suddenly finds herself under assault by a curious Nyu, who gropes her breasts, kisses her and even fingers her lower regions till she becomes wet. Nozomi finds herself saved from further indignity by a furious Kouta, who swats Nyu across the back of her head with his sandal and drags her away, leaving an apologetic Yuka to explain things to a stunned and embarrassed Nozomi. He yells at a nearly-clueless Nyu, who decides to get back at him by hiding in a closet and then jumping out or it to surprise him when he comes near.

Returning to the Maple House with Mayu, Nana is still nervous about potentially facing Lucy again despite not sensing her presence inside the house. Kouta's concerns about Mayu's lateness quickly turn into questions about Nana having horns. Mayu explains the reasons she brought Nana with her, but he cannot find Nyu, and his nearly frantic efforts to question or keep her there only make Nana more anxious to leave.

Nyu emerges from the closet, enraging and terrifying Nana, who instantly attacks with her vectors and throws her clean through a wall.


  • Nyu's actions toward Nozomi in this chapter, while innocent in intent, are considered outrageous and atrocious by many fans due to said actions being sexual assault, albeit from someone who doesn't know any better. The fact that Nozomi is blushing on the chapter's cover could be an indicator of what she goes through in the story.