Dawn of the Long Night ( 長い夜の夜明け / ながいよるのよあけ / nagai yoru no yoake ) is the ninety-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series and the last chapter of Volume Eleven.

A story arc digest of chapters ninety-two through ninety-seven is also available.


The acerbic Intelligence Officer commanding the Vector Attack Craft demands it engage Lucy in combat, but the crew insists that the sinking of the island facility makes that impossible. An exchange of stares between Lucy and Arakawa confirms the fate of Chief Kakuzawa. While the operative is adamant about not letting Lucy escape, his subordinates insist that she will die when the island sinks. Arakawa boards the craft with the vaccine and they make way for the ship. Lucy watches almost wistfully while the island falls. The surface building splits in half and gets sucked down, and the remaining clones drown as the waters flood the floors. Even the underground grotto that once housed the Lebensborn Project floods, with Anna's remains floating and her father's headless body washing out to sea ignominiously.

The pieces of the island drift apart and are sucked into a whirlpool, as the island vanishes forever. Watching from the safety of the ship, Arakawa gazes upon this destructive display as if it were a bad dream. She joyfully celebrates at finally having perfected the vaccine, defeating Kakuzawa's schemes, but realizes that if Lucy is still alive somehow, the war between humans and Diclonii will soon likely begin in earnest. Arakawa wonders if all this would have happened if Lucy was never born, or if the Kakuzawas never had horns. She then starts to cry and calls the Chief a foolish man.

In an escape pod much like the one Kurama sent Nana away in, Lucy arrives on the beachfront for the second time, determined to see Kouta, but is afraid to face him now that his memories of his family's murder have returned. At a loss for what to do, Lucy is surprised to find Kouta himself, still wounded, but laying on the beach waiting for her. A confrontation almost a decade in the offing is about to take place.


  • Yuka is wearing a dress with a tied-over shirt atop her chest on this chapter's cover, perhaps indicating the kind of garb she wore to fix up their damaged home.


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