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Detection ( 発覚 / はっかく / hakkaku ) is the thirty-first chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters twenty through thirty-one is also available.


Kissing while being sheltered from the torrential rainstorm, Yuka confesses her love for Kouta, and he confirms his feelings for her as well. She asks that neither forget the other or be separated ever again while wishing that the rain outside would never stop so that they could remain together always. Her passionate love affair, having soiled her panties, she has him turn his back while she removes them, only to slip and fall on the rain-soaked floor, exposing her lower body to his full view. When he notices her soiled panties, he gets on the receiving end of yet another Yuka-punch, never realizing why and how this embarrassment happened in the first place.

On the beach, Bando becomes agitated and furious at hearing the mention of Nyu. He grabs and nearly assaults Mayu in an attempt to find out about her. But the girl worriedly indicates that Nyu was taken away by Professor Kakuzawa. She also lies and says that her older brother, who was a university student, saw the professor kidnap a horned girl, who they do not know. Furious at the holes in her story, Bando threatens to strangle her, noting that she knew her name without prompting, while Wanta makes a mostly fruitless attempt to rescue his human companion. Thinking quickly, Mayu invokes the favor-granting promissory note that he wrote, and uses it against Bando himself. Angrily flinging her across the sand, he warns her not to let him see her face again. Brushing off his assault, Mayu leaves the beach, assuring the dog that she is not badly hurt. At first glad that he didn't hurt her, Bando turns and curses out his own sense of honor, as well as his concern for Mayu, by which he calls himself a fool.



  • Yuka is seen holding a bat above her head while wearing a baseball or softball uniform on this chapter's cover.