Are you stupid or something? I'm supposed to help you out? I'm the one who's gonna kill you!

Diana, to Arakawa about the mind-control device in her head

Diana was one of four wholly viable clones of Mariko along with Barbara, Alicia, and Cynthia all bred by Nousou.

In the manga

She was the first of the clones to be seen without a restraining helmet. A mind-control device placed on her forehead made her obedient and also made her and the other clones unable to speak, except for the simple word, "Myu." To placate Chief Kakuzawa, Diana was ordered by Nousou to stab herself with a knife to prove her loyalty, first in the arm and then in the heart. This mortal wounding left her unable to join the assault on the Maple House, although Nousou arranged to have a new heart implanted in her.

Later, in chapter 90, Diana reappeared and saved Arakawa during the Diclonius uprising at the research facility. She killed the other Diclonii menacing Arakawa, but promptly collapsed, presumably still weak from the heart surgery she recently underwent. Arakawa removed her control device, not realizing what it was, and as Diana stirred, her real personality emerged. She had every intention of killing Arakawa but was stopped at the last moment as The Agent replaced the device into her forehead. Docile again, Diana defended the pair as they trekked through the besieged facility until killed (either simply decapitated or her head exploded) by the other Diclonii.

From Diana's odd and fearful behavior around the Anti-Diclonius Birth vaccine, Arakawa realized the Diclonii could sense the danger it posed to them, which later aided in its recovery from the island.

The Agent arrives just in time to put Diana's control device back in and save Arakawa from being turned into a fine paste by Diana.


Vector Range: up to 10m (according to Nousou)

Strength: Unknown

Speed: see above

Vector Special Ability: see above  Kills: scores of Clone Diclonii


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