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Disposal Order ( 処刑命令 / しょけいめいれい / shokei meirei / Execution Order) is the thirty-ninth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series, and the first chapter of Volume Five.

A story arc digest of chapters thirty-two through thirty-nine is also available.


Finding Nyu at last, Kouta races towards her and demands to know where she had been since they were all so worried about her. Lucy then begins to realize that he does not remember their tragic shared past, and shocks both him and Yuka, by speaking clearly and coherently for the first time since they've known her. Sighting the pair holding hands, she trips Yuka with her vectors and causes her to fall. The sight of Kouta comforting Yuka as he did when they were children only reinforces the thought in her mind that they can never be together.

It was what she always wished for, but came to believe she didn't deserve.

Bidding him farewell, Lucy attempts to say that she has her memories back and has remembered her home, but Kouta stops her, saying that the Maple House is her home. He also protests of how worried he would be about her if she left, and challenges the truth of having found her home, if she is still on the streets, refusing to let her be until she offers specifics of her supposed home. His simple, heartfelt offer of home, love, and friendship goes to war with her murderous inner voice. Finally, she protests that he must remember the tragic train ride of eight years prior, which does, in fact, trigger a new flashback in his mind. Just as she is about to confess her sins to him openly, she reverts to Nyu once more.

Wailing, Nyu throws herself on him and asks for a hug. While still wondering about his fleeting memory, Kouta gains Yuka's permission to hug her, which she grudgingly gives amidst nearly instant regrets. Kouta holds a tearful Nyu and assures her they will always be together, stirring a happy below-the-surface memory of much happier times.

Meanwhile, at the Diclonius Research Institute, Kurama remembers his grim order from Chief Kakuzawa to kill Nana, who waits for him in a medical examination room.


  • Lucy appears on the cover in a T-Shirt and Jean Shorts, looking resolved, perhaps to losing Kouta as she fears she must.