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Ditched ( 溝 / みぞ / mizo / Ditch (of the Heart) ) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


With Nyu tied up, Professor Kakuzawa announces his intention to force her to bear his children, in defiance of his father's wishes, thus making him the founder of the new Diclonius race, which will end the reign of modern humans. Proclaiming the 'Lebensborn' to be his, he uses an anesthetic needle to knock the wailing Nyu unconscious and prepares to rape her as she cries out Kouta's name and drops off asleep.

Back at the Maple House, Kouta and Yuka tell Mayu what happened to Nyu. Mayu makes a dig at Kouta for the bath incident with Nyu, causing Kouta to spit up and arousing Yuka's suspicions. Mayu also asks if they can still visit Nyu, and then questions whether Professor Kakuzawa was telling the truth about being Nyu's uncle. Kouta and Yuka recall Kakuzawa's less-than-sterling reputation and grow suspicious of his claims, and determine to get Nyu back. An awkward question by Yuka about Nyu's leaving, and whether Kouta would cry for Yuka if she vanished as well, makes Kouta confused and places Yuka in tears, with both feeling foolish.

Meanwhile, as Kakuzawa prepares to rape Nyu, Lucy awakens, revealing the sedative only put Nyu to sleep, allowing Lucy to return to consciousness.


  • This chapter is the first of many to show how ill-equipped the main characters are in dealing with the secrets and treachery of the world they inhabit. It is Mayu, who has tasted the harsh life of the streets and betrayal by her original family, that sniffs out Kakuzawa's deception.
  • The chapter cover shows Mayu in her school uniform, looking pensive, as though not wishing her picture taken.