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Eduard Mörike (also spelled Moerike) was a 19th Century German Lutheran pastor and theologian as well as a poet, belonging to the Swabian School of poetry. He is the author of the poem, Elfenlied, which was transliterated into musical form by Hugo Wolf in 1888, along with other selections of Mörike's poetry. Another of his works, Eduard auf dem Seil, provided the term, Silpelit, which is used to describe one group of Diclonii in the Elfen Lied series, both in the anime and manga, and the term appears in the Elfenlied poem as well.

Elfenlied was a favorite of and served as an inspiration to series creator, Lynn Okamoto.

Mörike's early life can be seen as a counterpoint to the isolation felt by both the series mangaka and Lucy herself, a feeling of failure and a choice to embrace intellect above emotion and sensuality until all are at last reconciled. Like the series deuteragonist, he lost younger siblings, in this case to actual illness. Later in his life, he retired from preaching due to reasons of ill health no doubt related to his lifelong history of psychosomatic illness.

This page contains information about a museum maintained in his memory and honor.