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"I came out here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now."

Our intent is to have fully fleshed out, fanmade transcripts of all fourteen (as of 2015) episodes of the Elfen Lied anime, its English-language dub in specific. This means that in addition to the dialogue, there will be "stage directions" to describe the scenes.

This transcript will be of the English language dub for the anime, with the subtitles in English as well. "Stage directions" will be noted in brackets. Subtitle dialogue, where it differs from the English dub text, will be marked off by parentheses next to the English version. The absence of a subbed dialogue marker simply means that the dialogue is the same in both versions.

Translation and transliteration issues will be discussed in the section after the transcript is done. To clear up confusion, the DVD edition of Elfen Lied recently released by ADV's subsidiaries will be used, so the subtitles listed are the official ADV translation. Please keep this in mind regarding any translations, as both the dub dialogue and English subtitles will be written as they are spoken/written on screen. In ADV's translations, some characters names are romanized as Nyu, Kohta, Bandoh, etc.

Any mistakes in the subtitle translations on the part of ADV, such as typos, will be kept in place, so please bear that in mind when reading!

These transcripts, in their previous dialogue form, originated from : http://animetranscripts.wikispaces.com/ and the debt to that site is freely and gratefully acknowledged.

Elfen Lied Episode 4: Attack ~ Aufeinandertreffen


[ Picking right back up from the last episode's final scene, Lucy sits on the stone stairs with Nana standing beside her. In Nana's hands is a bag, and she's wrapped Kurama's tie around her head and horns as a makeshift hairband. ]

Nana: I'm going to go home, and you're coming with me. It's no use running away. ( SUB: I'm going home and you're coming with me. It's no use running away. )

[ She leans over to set the bag aside, then straightens up. Inside the bag are pieces of equipment no doubt belonging to a military radio set. ]

Nana: I've already told them I found you. They know you're here. ( SUB: I've already contacted them about this place. )

[ Rather than reply outright to such a claim, Lucy brings herself to standing but does not yet move away. Despite her next question, Nana wears a calm little smile on her face. ]

Nana: What's next? Will you kill me too? ( SUB: Are you going to kill me too? )

[ Lucy doesn't so much as turn to look back at her as she answers. ]

Lucy: So far I've never been forced to kill one of our species. ( SUB: Up until now, I've never killed a person. )

Nana: Our species? ( SUB: A person? )

[ Lucy begins to walk away down the steps, and Nana takes a few steps after her as she implores her to stop. ]

Nana: Please, wait a minute! ( SUB: Hold on a second! )

[ It works, as Lucy stops near the break in the stairs several steps down. She even turns to look at Nana directly. ]

Nana: You know, they won't let me go home, not until...not until I bring you back with me. ( SUB: Um, I can't go home unless I bring you with me. )


Nana's eyes widen as Lucy's vectors slide into different parts of her body. They don't do any damage, not yet, but the threat is real enough. ]

Lucy: Stand still. It's as easy as moving an artery in your brain. My lightest touch would kill you. ( SUB: Don't move. I can kill you by just moving a vein in your brain by 1mm. )

[ Her vectors recede and leave Nana unharmed, but the girl remains still from the threat. Lucy's turned back around, and she leisurely resumes walking away. ]

Lucy: Go home.

Nana: Hold on! ( SUB: But... )

[ Lucy whips around, and one of her vectors slams into Nana with enough force to knock her into the stone wall to her right. Nana doubles over on the stairs, trembling, with blood dripping down from her mouth. ]

Lucy: I was going to let you go. After all, there aren't that many of us out there, but you're just such a pain in the ass. ( SUB: I was going to let you go, thinking you were one of the few of my kind, but now you're becoming a pain. )

Nana: I'm a pain? ( SUB: Something like this... )

[ Nana lowers her head, but as she brings it up again, her look of shock from the attack gives way to a scowl and her hair covers her eyes. Lucy turns her head to regard her as Nana gets to her feet, anger plain on her face. ]

Nana: That's not pain! I will show you what pain is! ( SUB: Something like this doesn't hurt at all! )

[ Her own vectors fly at Lucy, who jumps back and away, thinking Nana's reach is the same as hers. However, to her surprise, the girl's vectors still strike her hard enough to throw her into the nearby cemetery. As Lucy gets her bearings and sits up on the path, Nana enters the cemetery and nears where she rests. Unused to being struck back like this, Lucy glowers at her from her spot. Nana sends another vector to wrap around her throat and lifts her into the air before sending her backward to hit the grave behind her. Lucy throws her vectors out the very next moment, but they stop short of actually touching Nana mere centimeters away from her face. Lucy holds her hands on Nana's vector, but it does nothing to loosen its hold on her neck. ]

Lucy: Your vectors...they're longer than mine! ( SUB: So your vectors are longer than mine? )

Nana: Don't worry, I won't kill you. I couldn't. But, for Papa, I'll teach you a lesson. ( SUB: Don't worry, I won't kill you. But I'll teach you a lesson in place of Papa. )


Act One

[ In the Maple House, Kouta and Yuka sit in the dining room with their lunch on the table. Yuka isn't eating, however, and has her chair pushed away so she can sit with her knees curled up to her chest. Kouta leans over the table toward her. ]

Kouta: Um, what are you saying?

Yuka: Do you wanna touch me like you touch Nyu? ( SUB: Do you wanna do it, like you did to Nyu? )

Kouta: I told you already, what you saw, that was something Nyu started! ( SUB: Like I said, that was something that Nyu suddenly... )

[ He leans back a little and turns his face away so he's not looking directly at her. Instead, he appears to be looking at the door. ]

Kouta: But anyway, Nyu's missing, and I think we should go find her. ( SUB: In any case, we'd better go and find Nyu, or... )

[ Yuka slams her hand down on the table, jostling a piece of the silverware from the sound of it, and Kouta winces. He turns back toward her to see Yuka glaring at him as she now leans over the table as well. ]

Yuka: Nyu, Nyu, Nyu! You don't care about me anymore! ( SUB: You keep saying "Nyu, Nyu, Nyu!" You don't care about me at all! )

Kouta: Yuka...

Yuka: You don't tell me important things. I mean you were attacked by a soldier, and I didn't even know about it! ( SUB: You don't tell me important things like that you were attacked by a solider, and... )

Kouta: Look, that's just because I didn't wanna worry you for no good reason. ( SUB: But that's because I didn't want to worry you needlessly. )

[ Yuka slowly curls her hand into a fist on the table, shaking a little. Her head is turned down toward the table as she continues to tremble. ]

Yuka: Why won't you let me worry about you, Kouta? After all, you're always worrying about Nyu. ( SUB: Can't I worry about you, Kohta? You always worry about Nyu. )

Kouta: What's that got to do with it? ( SUB: What's that got to do with this? )

Yuka: I waited all this time. I thought that finally we were going to be together. ( SUB: I've waited all this time and thought I was finally able to see you. )

[ Unable to hold it in anymore, Yuka sucks in a breath of air for a sob and gets up from the table. Her hands go to her face to catch any tears that might fall as she continues to sob. Kouta gets up after her and holds a hand out to touch her shoulder. ]

Kouta: Uh, Y-Yuka... ( SUB: Yuka, um... )

[ As he touches her, Yuka whirls around and punches him in the cheek. The impact sends him to the floor on his back. ]

Yuka: You stupid jerk! I hate you, Kouta! I really do hate you, you know! ( SUB: Jerk! You, jerk! I hate you! I hate you! I really hate you! )

[ Kouta sits up, cheek red, as Yuka leaves the room in tears. The next shot shows her in a roadway tunnel presumably some distance from the house. She's visibly calmed down some since she left the house, but there are still tears in her eyes. ]

Yuka: It wasn't supposed to be like this. ( SUB: It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. )

[ The shadow of the tunnel falls over her, leading to a flashback of hers. In the flashback, a photo rests on a small patch of grass and flowers, some of which look like lilies. The photo is of Kanae and her and Kouta's father. A younger Yuka stands not far away from the flower patch, and all around her are featureless mannequins to stand in for her relatives. She looks around the room for her cousin. ]

Child Yuka: Kouta? Where's Kouta?

Female Relative's Voice: I heard that Kouta was in the hospital. ( SUB: They say Kohta's in the hospital right now. )

Male Relative's Voice: Yes, he doesn't talk anymore. He's still in shock. It's not surprising. ( SUB: Yeah, I hear that he can't even speak because of the shock he had. )

Female Relative's Voice: That poor thing. ( SUB: Poor thing. )

[ A vision of younger Kouta appears in front of Yuka, still smiling like the last time she saw him. ]

Child Kouta: I'll come back next year. Wait for me. ( SUB: I'll come next year again. )

[ He's still smiling as he and some of the other mannequins pulls away from Yuka, and after a moment he disappears. Yuka crouches downward as she bursts into tears, with the mannequins near her folding their arms and looking down on her as well.

In the present, Yuka's stopped walking on the pedestrian path further in the tunnel. Her face is tilting downward, casting half her face in shadow. ]

Yuka: It's not fair. Kouta's the one who deserves to feel sad, not me, but still... ( SUB: It's Kohta, not me, who's having a hard time and feeling sad, but... )

[ Yuka's now standing near the end of the tunnel, as evident by the end of the railing for the pedestrian path. Back in the Maple House, Kouta sits on the floor where she once was and nurses his cheek. ]

Kouta: Ouch. ( SUB: Ouch, ouch, ouch... )


[ In the cemetery, Lucy is still struggling against the stranglehold Nana's vector has on her. ]

Nana: If I wanted to do it, you'd be dead three times already. After all, my lightest touch would kill you. ( SUB: If I were serious, you would have died at least three times...since all I have to do is move it just 1mm. )

[ Lucy responds to Nana's boast by lifting several tombstones from the surrounding graves into the air. Gasping, Nana jumps out of the way as the enormous stone slabs hit the ground where she once was. The distraction releases her hold on Lucy, who stands up just in time to be struck in the face by one of Nana's vectors. ]


[ People walk past the front of a bakery, though the setting isn't outdoors. There's a ceiling overhead with fluorescent lights, and what looks like stairs as well, making it appear to be set within an outlet mall of sorts. Within the bakery stands Mayu, who shyly greets the baker inside.

Mayu: Hello. Excuse me? ( SUB: Um, excuse me... ) 

Baker: Oh, I have it ready for you. Here. ( SUB: Oh, I have it ready. Here you go. )

[ The baker holds out a plastic bag filled with bread crusts, which Mayu takes as Wanta whimpers near her feet. ]

Baker: Wow, what a hungry little dog you have. Don't tell me he eats all this by himself? ( SUB: But what a gluttonous dog. He eats this much all by himself? )

Mayu: Oh, um, you know...you know how dogs are. ( SUB: Oh, um...yes, he does. )

[ Until now, the baker's been smiling knowingly, as if she's on to the truth that the crusts aren't only for Wanta. The smile fades, however, and she looks concerned at Mayu. ]

Baker: Hey, how old are you? ( SUB: How old are you? )

Mayu: Well, uh, I'm thirteen. Oh, I'll be fourteen years old tomorrow! ( SUB: Um, I'm 13 years ol...oh, I'll be 14 tomorrow. )

Baker: [ smiling ] Wow, so tomorrow is your birthday? ( SUB: Oh, tomorrow is your birthday? )

Mayu: What? Yes. Alright, well, thanks a lot. ( SUB: What? Yes. Well then, thank you very much. )

[ Mayu bows and leaves the bakery, and as she leaves out the corridor, past the fish shop, toward the open street, she crosses Yuka's path. ]

Yuka: Hey! You're... ( SUB: Oh? You're... )

[ Yuka catches sight of the bag of bread crusts, which Mayu is quick to hide behind her back. ]

Mayu: Okay! Er..., see you later. ( SUB: Um... Good bye! )

[ Her face turns red as she realizes she's been caught, and she turns around to run away after bidding Yuka the hasty farewell. Yuka tilts her head, puzzled, before turning her attention to the small market and bakery Mayu came out of. ]


Act Two

[ Nana and Lucy face off in the cemetery, having come to a standstill.

Nana: Are you ready to go back with me now? You know you can't defeat me. My vectors are longer than yours! ( SUB: Do you now feel like going back with me? You can't defeat me with such short arms. ) 

[ Lucy takes the boast with a smirk and flings another gravestone down where Nana stands. Nana dodges off to the side, and again dodges to narrowly avoid a volley of spiked wooden boards as well.

Nana: That's what I was afraid of...her powers are much stronger than mine. Oh no. ( SUB: Just like I thought, her power seems to be stronger than mine. Oh? )

[ Sensing something wrong, Nana stands up and looks around for Lucy, who she's unaware is behind her on top of a standing gravestone. Lucy's vectors raise more boards and gravestones into the air before throwing them down, but the shot moves away to show birds flying away in panic from the noise, then a street view of the cemetery and shows only the dust cloud that comes from the impact of the stones against the ground. The impact and noise of the grave markers hitting the ground alerts Mayu to the conflict, as she's sitting on the same stone stairs not far away and eating some of the bread crusts she got from the baker. ]

Mayu: What was that?

[ The dust begins to clear and settle in the cemetery, and Lucy smirks and chuckles as she thinks she's finally beat Nana. The smirk is gone in a flash as Nana whimpers, and the clearing dust cloud reveals she pulled herself back from the spot with her vectors right before the gravestones hit. ]

Lucy: Huh...you seem pretty comfortable with that experimental equipment of yours. ( SUB: For experimental equipment, you sure know how to use them. )

[ Nana stands up and dusts off her dress, annoyed. ]

Nana: Oh, I got all dressed up to come get you! ( SUB: Geez, after I've gone to all the trouble of getting dressed up! )

[ While Nana dusts herself off, Lucy raises more gravestones and statues into the air to use as projectiles. Seeing this, Nana's vector flies out from behind her. ]

Nana: But here we go again because you insist on fighting! ( SUB: What's this, repeating the same stuff? )

[ Nana's vector grasps onto a tree branch as Lucy throws the statues and gravestones at her, allowing her to avoid being hit by them. The momentum puts her in the air, but to her dismay, Lucy's followed her into the air as well. Lucy's vectors punch her in the stomach, then throw her down onto the ground, sending up another dust cloud. Mayu, nearing the cemetery on her walk down the stairs, spots them. She recognizes Lucy, having seen her before as Nyuu. ]

Mayu: Ah, I know that girl. ( SUB: Oh, that person... )

[ Nana stands and wipes the blood off her lip. Though she's been knocked around a bit, she's undaunted. ]

Nana: I'm sorry to do this. ( SUB: I'm sorry to do this to you, but... )

[ Lucy doesn't have long to puzzle over what she means, as she looks down, surprised and grimacing as Nana's vector slides into her leg. It's positioned to cut a tendon or perhaps sever her nerves, but it's not yet done so. ]

Nana: But if you can't walk, you can't leave. ( SUB: I'm just going to make it so that you won't be able to walk. )

[ Mayu runs up the stairs to where the two are in the cemetery, interrupting the scuffle. ]

Mayu: Don't do it! Stop fighting! ( SUB: Don't fight! )

Nana: Don't come any closer! ( SUB: Don't come here! )

[ Mayu's interruption has Nana reaching out to halt her, and her vector recedes due to her lapse in attention. Lucy smirks as Nana leaves herself wide open, and with Nana stumbling into her range to try and stop Mayu, she takes the opportunity to slice the other diclonius' left leg off above the knee and cuts off the fingers of her outstretched right hand as well. Time slows down for Nana, who flexes her fingers and mutters "Wha..." in disbelief. As she hits the ground, catching herself with her hands at the last moment, Mayu stares on with wide eyes. ]

Mayu: Nooooo!!

[ Lucy scowls and one of her vectors strikes Mayu, throwing her into the leaves of a nearby tree outside the cemetery's bounds. Nana lies bleeding on the ground, now whimpering and trembling from the indescribable pain. ]

Nana: It hurts...it hurts... Papa... Papa... Help me!

[ Nana gasps and opens her eyes to see Lucy standing over her. She pulls herself up to sitting so she can defiantly face her despite being in pain. ]

Nana: I'm not scared of you! It doesn't hurt at all! ( SUB: It doesn't hurt at all! )

[ To test her claim, Lucy rips Nana's right arm off. The girl screams and holds her bleeding stump of an arm as Lucy stares down at her. ]

Lucy: ...so does it hurt now? ( SUB: It still doesn't hurt? )

[ Nana tries to crawl away with her good arm, but she can't move away fast enough or very far. She looks back at Lucy, tears in her eyes, but her pleading look is met with an icy, impassive gaze. ]

Nana: Please, no...no more... ( SUB: No... No... )

[ In spite of Nana's pleas, Lucy rips off her remaining arm and leg. Nana falls onto her back, eyes toward the sky, and stares in a daze at the Jizo statues looming over her. Blood from her severed limbs pools around her. ]

Nana: Papa...

Lucy: You suffering? Does it hurt yet? Don't worry. I'll put you out of your misery. ( SUB: Are you suffering? Are you hurting? Don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery shortly. )

[ A bullet strikes the gravestone to the side of Lucy, having just barely missed the back of her head. She turns in the direction it was shot from, showing a collection of banners across the street. The snipers can't be seen, though it's clear from the shot that they must be there. ]

Sniper: The first bullet missed her. I'm preparing for another shot. ( SUB: The first bullet missed her. I'll try another shot. )

Spotter: Hold on! ( SUB: Wait! )

Sniper: Sir?

[ Kurama enters the cemetery and walks up to the spot where Lucy stands over a dismembered Nana. He pauses, taking stock of the situation. ]

Kurama: Nana...

Nana: Papa...

[ Lucy turns toward Kurama, and with her attention lacking, Nana takes the opportunity to send her vector into Lucy's face. Its fingers slide into her head, but immediately retreat after a second. Lucy screams and holds her head. ]

Lucy: My eyes! ( SUB: You bitch! )

[ She looks toward Nana, then, after a second, looks down at her hands. ]

Lucy: Still there? What did you do?! ( SUB: They're not coming out! What did you do?! )

Kurama: That settles it. ( SUB: That's it. )

[ Lucy turns to the sounds of guns, and not only is Kurama there, but Isobe's arrived with several soldiers. Two stand with him and Kurama, and five others are on the opposite side of her, past Nana's pool of blood. ]

Kurama: There's no way I can forgive you. No way in hell. ( SUB: I won't forgive you. There's no way in hell I'll... )

Isobe: It looks like it's all over for Number Seven. ( SUB: Looks like it's all over for #7. )

[ In the midst of his sentence, Kurama strolls toward Nana and Lucy. ]

Isobe: Chief! Hold on! ( SUB: Chief! )

SAT member A: What's he doing? ( SUB: What are you doing? )

[ To everyone's shock, Kurama walks right past Lucy without being torn to ribbons like Nana. ]

Isobe: He's...suicidal. ( SUB: Is he trying to get killed?! )

[ Kurama, with Lucy glaring at him from the side, carefully lifts Nana from the ground. ]

Nana: Papa, I'm sorry. You gave me this string from your neck, and now it's dirty. ( SUB: Papa, I'm sorry. I made your neck string dirty. )

Kurama: I told you I'd come. Why didn't you wait for me? ( SUB: Why didn't you wait till I came? )

Nana: Because I thought you would be proud of me if I brought her back to you. But then...but then, I couldn't do it. I'm so sorry, Papa. ( SUB: Because I thought you'd praise me if I captured her and brought her back, but... But I couldn't do it. I'm sorry, Papa. )

SAT member B: Do we terminate her? ( SUB: Shall we shoot her? )

Isobe: Hold on. We don't want to provoke her right now, but why isn't she attacking the Chief? ( SUB: Wait! We shouldn't provoke her right now. But why doesn't she attack? )

Lucy: Papa, is it? Too bad, it looks like your daughter is dead. ( SUB: She's calling you Papa? I believe your daughter is dead. )

Kurama: Yes...I killed her! ( SUB: Yeah...I killed her! )

[ Lucy frowns and tenses as he stands up, but it doesn't prepare her for the slap that sends her to the ground. Isobe and the soldiers stare with open mouths as she falls, but Kurama straightens up. ]

Kurama: That's nothing compared to the pain you caused Nana, but it's the least I can do. ( SUB: This is nothing compared to Nana's pain, but it's the least I can do. )

[ Lucy picks herself up, blood trailing down her lip and chin, and glares at Kurama as hatefully as she can. ]

Isobe: Stay back, Chief! Everyone take your aim! ( SUB: This isn't good! Chief! Please step back! )

[ The soldiers take aim at Lucy, but she bolts away, using the gravestones as landings so she can go farther with each leap. ]

Isobe: Follow her!

[ The soldiers run off after Lucy, and Isobe turns to see Kurama once more picking Nana up. ]

Isobe: Chief, are you... ( SUB: Chief... You're... )

Nana: She ran away. I didn't stop her. ( SUB: She ran away. )

Kurama: Please, don't talk. ( SUB: Don't talk any more. )

Nana: I did something you didn't want me to, didn't I? Papa? ( SUB: I did something you didn't want me to do, didn't I?)

[ Nana faces away from Kurama, distraught for possibly disappointing him by disobeying his orders. ]

Nana: Tell me. Am I useless now? Will I be able to help you again? Help you again someday? ( SUB: Papa... Will I be useless now? Will you not be using me any more? )

[ Kurama's face is hard to read, as his eyes are obscured by his glasses. ]

Nana: Oh, Papa? I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. ( SUB: Papa... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. )

[ To calm her, he holds a hand on her cheek. ]

Kurama: Please, don't talk. Just be still. ( SUB: That's enough, so...don't talk any more. )


Act Three

[ At sunset, Yuka looks pensive as she thinks back to her meeting with the woman in the bakery. ]

Baker: The girl that just left? I don't know. She comes here every day, though. She's always wearing the same clothes, so people from the stores around here think she's homeless. ( SUB: The girl who was here just now? I don't know. She comes here every day, though. She's always dressed in the same clothes, so people from other stores also think that she may be homeless. )

[ The flashback ends to show Yuka looking out over a bridge. A fence and shrubbery hide what the bridge overlooks, but it could be either a ravine or a railway track for the local train. Yuka bites the tip of her thumb in thought. ]

Yuka: I thought so. That girl is... I should tell Kouta. ( SUB: Just as I thought, that girl is... I should at least tell Kohta. )

[ She looks downward, recalling their fight from earlier. ]

Yuka: Oh, Kouta... ( SUB: Kohta... )

[ She's brought out of her thoughts by the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. Unbeknownst to her, the helicopter is carrying Nana and Kurama. Inside it, Nana's been bandaged up, but blood is soaking through the gauze and she's hyperventilating. A tense Kurama sits by her, gently holding his hand on her head. He looks up as Isobe calls to him, holding a headset. ]

Isobe: Chief Kurama. It's from Secretary Shirakawa.

[ Kurama rises from his seat to answer the call as Nana continues to gasp for breath on the stretcher. ]

Shirakawa: I heard. Terribly sorry. ( SUB: I see. I'm sorry. )

Kurama: What is it? ( SUB: What's going on? )

Shirakawa: Director Kakuzawa is here. ( SUB: Director Kakuzawa's here. )

Kurama: The director's there? ( SUB: The director is? )

Shirakawa: He said he wants to see you the moment you arrive. ( SUB: He said he wanted you to come see him as soon as you arrive. )

Kurama: I'll be there. ( SUB: Got it. )

[ Despite agreeing to see the director, Kurama's eyes narrow at the thought. ]


[ Back on the bridge, Yuka is approached by someone. As she turns toward them, her eyes widen.

Yuka: Oh, Nyu! ( SUB: Nyu?! ) 

[ The person is none other than Nyu. She's crying, her right sleeve has been torn up, and there's a scrape on her right arm as well. She runs up to hug Yuka, whimpering all the while, and Yuka hugs her back. ]

Yuka: Did you get lost? Oh, you should know better than to go out alone. ( SUB: You got lost? Geez, that's because you went out on your own. )

[ She notices the scrape on her arm and leans back to get a clearer look at it. ]

Yuka: Oh, you hurt yourself! ( SUB: Oh, you're hurt. )

Nyu: Nyu?

[ Yuka ties a pink ribbon around Nyu's arm to hide the cut from the open air. ]

Yuka: There, that'll do for now. We'll clean you up when we get home. ( SUB: This is just for now. I'll finish taking care of it when we get home. )

[ Yuka goes quiet, and Nyu reaches up to start fidgeting with the ribbon wrapped around her arm. ]

Yuka: Oh, no! Don't touch it. Just leave it alone. ( SUB: Oh, no! Leave it like that. )

Nyu: Nyu?

Yuka: You know, something must be wrong with me. I'm so jealous of you...I shouldn't be. ( SUB: Something's wrong with me, being jealous of you, huh? )

Nyu: Nyu?

[ Yuka's smiles down at Nyu as she realizes she shouldn't be jealous of her since Nyu is mentally a lost, helpless, scared child. ]

Yuka: Okay, Nyu. Let's go home. ( SUB: Now, let's go home! )


Act Four

[ In the Maple House, Kouta strolls down the hallway of the house, presumably coming from his room. ]

Kouta: They're late...

[ He comes to a stop in front of the grandfather clock and stares at its face for a moment before realizing its hands aren't moving. ]

Kouta: Oh, yeah. That's right, I forgot. It's broken, isn't it? ( SUB: Oh, yeah, it's broken, isn't it? )

[ Further away in the house, the telephone rings, earning a puzzled look from him. The next shot shows a hospital after night as fallen, then cuts to Kouta being led down a hallway by a nurse. ]

Nurse: Someone was walking by and saw a wounded girl lying on the ground. ( SUB: Someone who was walking by found her on the ground wounded. )

Kouta: The girl they found, what did she look like? Did she have long hair, or... ( SUB: Did the girl have long hair, or... )

[ The nurse stops and smiles back at him. ]

Nurse: She's right over there. ( SUB: That's the girl there. )

[ The girl in question is Mayu. She's seated on a green couch in the hallway, and has bandages wrapped around her head. Kouta and Mayu leave the hospital, and Kouta sighs while Mayu keeps her eyes gazing at the ground. ]

Kouta: I told them you're a relative from out of town. Otherwise, they wouldn't have let me in. ( SUB: I was able to somehow get through it by saying you were a visiting relative. )

Mayu: I'm really sorry. Don't worry, I'm gonna pay you back for the hospital bill as soon as I can. ( SUB: I'm sorry. Um, I'll be sure to pay back the hospital fee later. )

[ Kouta, hands in his pockets, turns to face her. ]

Kouta: Setting aside the money for now, of everyone you could've called, why'd you call us? ( SUB: Setting aside the money issue, why did you ask them to contact us? )

Mayu: I don't know. ( SUB: Well...)

[ Kouta sighs again and rubs the back of his head. Mayu's stomach growls loudly, making her yelp and blush. ]

Mayu: I'm so sorry! You didn't hear that! ( SUB: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! )

Kouta: Um, how about, er, you come over to our place for dinner? ( SUB: In any case, do you wanna have dinner or something at our place? )

Mayu: Huh?

[ The two walk back to the Maple House, where the lights have been turned on. ]

Kouta: Oh, looks like somebody is home. ( SUB: Oh? I wonder which one came back? )

[ He leads Mayu and Wanta inside the front gate, then into the front door of the house. Yuka comes out to greet him, a smile on her face. ]

Kouta: Yuka? Nyu? Anyone home? ( SUB: Yuka? Or is it Nyu? )

Yuka: Welcome back.

Kouta: Yeah, I'm back. ( SUB: Oh, I'm back. )

Yuka: Guess what? I found Nyu. ( SUB: I met Nyu and... )

Kouta: Nyu's home, too?

Yuka: Just like I thought, it seems like she got lost. ( SUB: Just as I thought, she seems to have gotten lost. )

[ Yuka pauses, having finally noticed Mayu standing behind Kouta. ]

Yuka: Oh...

[ Mayu looks uncomfortable, but shyly greets her. ]

Mayu: Hello. I mean, good evening. ( SUB: Um... Good evening. )

[ Before Yuka can reply, Nyu comes running into the foyer and hugs Kouta tightly. ]

Kouta: I was worried about you, Nyu. Oh, easy! ( SUB: I was worried, Nyu! Hey! )

[ Seeing Nyu, Mayu flashes back to the incident earlier that day in the cemetery, and specifically recalls Nana's limbs being cut off by seemingly nothing at all. ]

Mayu: Uh, excuse me. ( SUB: Excuse me... )

[ Both Kouta and Nyu turn to her, with Nyu smiling widely and uttering a curious "nyu." Mayu smiles, shaking off the memories from earlier. ]

Mayu: I'm being rude. There's no way that legs would fly off on their own. ( SUB: That's right. There's no way that legs fly off on their own. )

Kouta: What are you talking about?

Mayu: Oh, nothing at all. I just remembered a strange dream I had. ( SUB: Nothing. I just remembered a strange dream. )

Yuka: Why don't we all go in? I just put some dinner on the table. ( SUB: Now, come in. Dinner's ready. )

[ Mayu appears hesitant, since Yuka's offer didn't exclude her. ]

Mayu: Oh, okay. Sure. ( SUB: Well... Okay. )

[ The following scene shows Wanta napping next to an empty bowl, bits of dog food still inside, in the foyer. In the dining room, Mayu tries some of the dinner Yuka's prepared: cooked fish, miso soup, and assorted sides. Mayu blushes and holds a hand on her face, having gone for some time without a proper warm meal. ]

Mayu: Ah, it's good! ( SUB: This tastes good. )

[ Her reaction draws stares from the rest of the group. Yuka's the first to break the silence, though, and blushes from the compliment to her cooking. Nyu smiles as well, still mid-bite with her own food. ]

Yuka: Well, thanks! You really think so?! ( SUB: Really? Thanks. )

[ Kouta takes a sip of his soup, and the face he makes after isn't pleased. ]

Kouta: Seriously? I think it's all right. I had a much better one when I was... ( SUB: You really think so? Is it really that impressive? I think it's rather... )

[ Yuka's good mood from Mayu's praise disappears and she angrily turns to point at Kouta. ]

Yuka: Fine, Kouta! Then, don't eat it! ( SUB: Then, don't eat it, Kohta! )

[ Having finished her meal, Mayu sets her soup bowl down on the table. ]

Mayu: Thank you so much. It was the best meal I've had in a long time. ( SUB: Thanks so much. Really, really, it was good. )

Yuka: I almost forgot. Mayu, the bath is ready. Feel free to use it if you want. ( SUB: Oh, yeah. Mayu, the bath is ready so go ahead if you like. )

Mayu: What?

Yuka: Right, Kouta?

[ Kouta hasn't yet finished his meal and looks hesitant when Yuka turns to him. ]

Kouta: What? But, uh... ( SUB: But... )

[ Yuka glares harshly at him, making him immediately recant whatever he was going to say. ]

Kouta: Oh, yeah! Make yourself at home, Mayu. That's fine. ( SUB: Oh, yeah, make yourself at home. Right? )

[ Mayu stares at him as he smiles sheepishly under Yuka's glaring. The next shot is of her seating herself in the bath. ]

Mayu: A warm bath. It's been days. Such nice people. ( SUB: I wonder how many days it's been since the last time I took a bath? They're nice people. )

[ She yelps as the door into the tub area opens up, her face red, but it's only Nyu, who mews happily. In the dining room, Yuka closes the door and goes to sit down. Kouta has a hot cup of tea in front of him, but apparently hasn't touched it yet from how much fills the cup. ]

Yuka: Nyu looked like she needed a bath, so I sent her in too. ( SUB: Since Nyu looked like she wanted to take a bath, I sent her in too. )

Kouta: Won't that bother Mayu? ( SUB: Won't she be a bother to Mayu? )

Yuka: Oh, I wanna talk to you about Mayu. ( SUB: By the way, about that girl... )

[ The pair's voices continue over a shot of Mayu and Nyu in the bath. Nyu continues to mew while excitedly kicking her feet in the water. ]

Kouta: She was buying bread crusts? ( SUB: Bread crusts from a bakery? )

Yuka: Yeah. She gets some everyday and says they're for the dog. ( SUB: Yeah. She comes every day saying that those are to feed Wanta. )

[ The scene cuts back to the dining room. ]

Yuka: But I have a very strong suspicion that the bread crusts are for the both of them. ( SUB: But I thought that she might possibly be living on them too. )

[ Kouta folds his arms, and his brows furrow in thought. ]

Kouta: I thought there might be something going on. You know, she never talks about her friends or family. Do you think she could be a runaway? ( SUB: I was thinking that something was strange too, since she doesn't want to talk about her home and family. I wonder if she really is a runaway. )

Yuka: If she is, don't you think we should call the police or something? ( SUB: Hey, what should we do? I wonder if it'd be better if we contact the police. )

Kouta: That would make sense, I guess. But I kind of feel bad turning into the police without finding out the reason for her running away. ( SUB: I suppose that makes sense, but I'll feel sorry if we give her to the police without asking her anything. )

Yuka: Yeah...

Kouta: We gotta be careful, because it's not like we can trust the police. ( SUB: And also the police can't be trusted, so... )

[ Yuka looks as though she doesn't know how to reply to his statement, so he swiftly follows it up. ]

Kouta: You wanna know about that night at the beach? I'll tell you everything. ( SUB: I'll tell you everything about the other night at the beach. )

[ In the bath, Mayu and Nyu have moved out of the tub, which now appears to be empty, and have moved over to the rinsing area. Both are covered in soap suds, and Nyu ecstatically washes Mayu's back, then her sides. As one would expect, washing her sides gets Mayu to laugh since she's ticklish. Oddly, the washing is a little different than typical Japanese baths, as the most common way to bathe in a traditional bath is to shower off, then get into the hot water to soak and relax. ]

Mayu: Oh wow, that tickles! Please, let me do it myself! ( SUB: That tickles! I'll do it myself, so... )

[ While Mayu and Nyu wash up, Kouta's explained the situation thus far to Yuka. ]

Yuka: So that's what happened. I see, that's why you were always so worried about Nyu. ( SUB: So that's what happened. That's why you were always worrying about Nyu. )

Kouta: I didn't want you to worry about what happened to me the other night at the beach. I'm sorry. ( SUB: I guess I ended up worrying you more when I tried not to. Sorry. )

Yuka: No, I'm sorry. ( SUB: No, I'm the one who should apologize. )

[ The two share a smile and blush, having reached an understanding. So much drama between them could have been avoided if Kouta had just been honest from the beginning, but it's water under the bridge. Unfortunately, the moment is ruined as Nyu bursts into the room, still naked, wet, and covered in soap suds. ]

Nyu: Nyuuuuu!!!

Kouta and Yuka: Huh?

[ The next shot has Yuka leading Nyu away by the hand to the bathroom. ]

Yuka: Let's go rinse the soap off, and then we'll get you a towel to dry with. You got Kouta all worked up again, Nyu! ( SUB: You have to wash the soap off and dry your body, right? Geez, you gave Kohta unnecessary excitement again. )

[ Mayu peeks out of the bathroom, clad in a towel. ]

Mayu: Uh, hey, I'm so sorry. She just ran away all of a sudden. ( SUB: Excuse me, I'm sorry. She ran off on her own. )

Yuka: Mayu?

Mayu: Oh, yeah? ( SUB: Yes? )

Yuka: Why don't you spend the night here? ( SUB: Stay the night with us tonight. )

Mayu: What? That's nice, but I don't wanna put you guys out. ( SUB: What? But I shouldn't bother you that much. )

Yuka: Don't worry about it. If there's one thing we have a ton of, it's rooms, 'kay? ( SUB: Don't worry about it. The one thing we have lots of here are rooms. Okay? )

[ Her reassuring smile leaves Mayu without room to argue more. ]

Mayu: Well, sure. ( SUB: Yes. )

[ In the dining room, Kouta is half draped over the table, sighing. ]

Kouta: Can this get any more complicated? ( SUB: I wonder what's gonna happen from now. )



[ The shot clips to a vase full of assorted flowers of different colors, a blue wall behind it. ]

Director Kakuzawa: I suppose it's better than returning with a corpse. ( SUB: I guess it's better than collecting a dead body, huh? )

[ Within an enormous office, Kurama stands in front of an aged man with white hair. The office is extravagant, with blue walls with a checkered pattern higher above their heads, blue floors, gold wall molding, a small potted palm tree, and a massive window behind Kakuzawa's desk. Blurred in the foreground is what appears to be a lighting fixture or perhaps a fancy sort of ashtray. ]

Kurama: I'm sorry, sir. ( SUB: I'm sorry. )

Director Kakuzawa: It saddens me. She was intended to be the Eve to a new human race, and yet... Please exterminate Number Seven. ( SUB: Since we can't lose the Eve for our new human race, but...kill #7. )

[ Kurama's normally taciturn expression breaks away as he gasps, eyes widening. ]

Director Kakuzawa: Useless Diclonius are nothing more than a dangerous and expensive liability. You've dispatched of scores of carriers, Kurama? I don't expect you to show mercy to this one. ( SUB: Useless Diclonius are nothing more than a dangerous existence. You've killed so many carriers, so I won't let you say you can't now, Kurama. )

[ Saying nothing, Kurama bows and turns to leave. As he goes, Kakuzawa turns to his desk to answer a call. ]

Shirakawa: You have a call from Professor Kakuzawa. ( SUB: You have a phone call from Professor Kakuzawa. )

Director Kakuzawa: I'll take it. ( SUB: Okay. )

[ The shot focuses on Kakuzawa's eyes, lined with wrinkles in his age, and the look in his eyes is wild. ]

Director Kakuzawa: My stupid son, calling for more money, I imagine. ( SUB: My stupid son. Another request for money? )


[ On the other end of the line with Chief Kakuzawa is the aforementioned son, who the screen now focuses on. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: I'm hoping for a small increase. You know, for my research budget? ( SUB: I would like to have another little increase for my research budget. )

[ He laughs at whatever presumably disbelieving and perhaps even exasperated reply his father has to offer. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: I know, I know, but this time I am really close, I mean, closer than ever. We're not far away from being able to run a full-fledged clinical trial. ( SUB: I know, but I'm really close. And we're close to being able to do clinical tests too. )

[ The shot moves to a young woman who's sitting nearby. She's on a computer looking at various DNA sequences, and her desk is littered with books and instant ramen bowls. Kakuzawa's voice continues to sound over her, then over the close-up of the same DNA helixes she's studying. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: Oh, by the way, whatever happened to the escaped Diclonius? I see. Sounds like I'm not the only one who can't make a deadline. Alright then, I'm looking forward to your assistance. ( SUB: Oh, by the way, what happened to the escaped Diclonius? I see. I thought you'd find her right away. Well, then. I hope you will grant my request. Thanks. )

[ Still grinning, he hangs up the phone, and the young scientist nearby leans in her chair to glance over his way. ]

Arakawa: How did it go with the budget increase? ( SUB: How did it go with the budget? )

Professor Kakuzawa: Well, we got a little more. ( SUB: Well, at least a little bit. )

[ Arakawa idly uses her pen to scratch an itch near her ponytail. ]

Arakawa: We're almost finished with the vaccine. Even if they don't double the budget, any increase will help. ( SUB: Since the vaccine is almost completed somehow, even if they don't double the current budget, a bit more would... )

Professor Kakuzawa: Well, there isn't any rush, of course. ( SUB: Well, we don't have to rush. )

[ Arakawa stands up from her chair and undoes her lab coat before taking it off. ]

Arakawa: But this is the only protection we humans have from the Diclonius. If your escaped specimen is still out on the loose, it's our duty to rush, it might help them capture her. ( SUB: But preventing the damage by Diclonius is depending on this, right? Also I heard that the one that escaped from the research lab hasn't been captured yet, so... )

[ Professor Kakuzawa leans his head on his hands on his desk, and his voice is down to a low mumble. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: I'm not sure I'm ready to make life that easy for my father just yet. ( SUB: Since I don't want Dad to have her that easily... )

Arakawa: What did you just say? ( SUB: What did you say? )

Professor Kakuzawa: Huh? Uh...good night. ( SUB: Oh, have a good evening. )

[ Thinking she just didn't hear his words properly the first time for his mumbling, Arakawa is satisfied with that and yawns before leaving the lab. ]

Arakawa: Good night, Professor. ( SUB: You too. )

[ With Arakawa out of earshot, Kakuzawa continues to mutter to himself with an utterly delighted look on his face and a smug tone to his voice. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: They still haven't found her yet, huh? That's wonderful news. ( SUB: They still haven't found her, huh? That's good news. )

[ A file sheet on Lucy, detailing her height, weight, age, and other miscellaneous data, rests on his desk. He brings up a boxcutter knife and drags it down her picture, cutting a vertical line down through it. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: Where are you, Lucy? You're mine. It's just a matter of time. ( SUB: Where are you, Lucy? You're mine. )


[ A yellowish liquid fills a syringe, and Shirakawa's voice speaks out. Both she and Kurama stand in a laboratory, its sterile white walls a direct contrast to their clothing. ]

Shirakawa: This will help her sleep. She won't feel anything. It's the least I can do. ( SUB: I'll make her sleep with this, and take care of her after that. That's the least I can do. )

Kurama: Shirakawa.

Shirakawa: Yes?

Kurama: I'll do it.

[ Though she briefly turns to him, she returns her gaze to the task in front of her. ]

Shirakawa: I understand. ( SUB: Understood. )

[ In the next room, Kurama stands alone with Nana. Nana's lying on an operating table, wearing new bandages, and her bleeding has since stopped. She appears to be sleeping as Kurama nears and lays a hand on her cheek, but slowly opens her eyes. ]

Nana: Papa...

[ She smiles widely and nuzzles against his hand. Kurama draws his hand away, instead resting it on her stomach. ]

Kurama: We have to run more tests, and it may hurt a little. Be brave. ( SUB: We'll examine you. It'll hurt a little, but bear it. )

[ Kurama holds up the syringe, and Nana pauses before answering. She adopts another smile, this one small. ]

Nana: Sure. I'll be brave. ( SUB: Yes, I'll bear it. )

[ Kurama injects Nana with the serum made for her. In the control room looking into the laboratory, Shirakawa shakes as she tries to fight off sobbing. Nana doesn't appear to feel a thing after the injection, but slowly grows groggy. Kurama grimaces, but doesn't say anything. ]

Nana: I'm getting so sleepy. Papa...?

[ Kurama forces himself to quickly regain his composure. ]

Kurama: What is it?

[ Tears fall from Nana's eyes and trail down her cheeks. ]

Nana: Goodbye, Papa.

[ Startled, Kurama gasps, and Nana's eyes close. Her head turns to the side as she sighs, presumably her death rattle. Shirakawa, no longer able to contain herself in the next room, leaves to find another place to cry. Kurama hangs his head, his voice a mere whisper. ]

Kurama: I'm sorry.


Next Episode Preview

[ The following images pass in the blink of an eye: Kurama's face in the sunset colors; Nyuu's face reflected in that of the grandfather clock; Mayu crying in the dark of night; sailing ships on the horizon of a sparkling blue ocean in the bright of day; a pair of shoes lined up on the sand; a soaked Wanta, a leash around his neck, wagging his tail at night; Mayu looking over her shoulder, her face dirty and her expression sorrowful; a shadowed Kouta speaking to a woman whose face isn't shown; Yuka looking down with an annoyed expression as the morning sunlight comes in the window behind her; Nyuu crying out and Kouta's eyes widening in surprise. ]

Narrator: A black stain called "memory" spread across the wall. It filled the world with a despair so deep, even death offered no relief. ( SUB: A dark stain called "memory" spread onto the wall. The world of despair that even rejects death. )

[ Nyuu in the darkness, naked, and bound, tears streaming down her face as Professor Kakuzawa grins at her; Yuka sits alone at a table, teacup in front of her and tea kettle to the side, and cries into her hands; in the same dark room Nyuu was in before, Lucy stands with a vector writhing about in the air; Kouta crying in the hallway of the Maple House, a vase of lilies nearby. ]

Narrator: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for this tortured girl? Or does the tunnel lead to infinite darkness? ( SUB: Is it really light or darkness that awaits a cowering girl on her journey? )

[ Lucy's mouth moves as she stands in the sickly green darkness of the room, her words unknown. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Five: Receipt. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Five. "Receipt." )

Transcript Editor's Note

The dub left out/outright changed some lines that would give the audience more insight into not only Lucy's history with Kurama, but her importance to Chief Kakuzawa and his organization, and kept hidden the fact that Nana can block other Diclonii's powers with her vectors.

Of course, for some of these, they can be blamed on the necessity of needing to keep the lip movements matching the dialogue. Still, it seems possible that they could've worked Lucy's line about Kurama's daughter into something that would fit her lip movements, like "Papa, is it? Funny, I thought your daughter was dead?"

- User SenselessPi, 09-26-2015