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The Elfen Lied Original Soundtrack is a pivotal part of the emergence of the anime series as a cultural phenomenon. The extensive and well-chosen use of music, which blends into the raw, and often brutal scenes that mark off the anime as something unique and almost alive. Several tracks also reference Kamakura's significance as a Buddhist and Shinto religious center with titles and instruments relating to purgation/purification and reincarnation.

The soundtrack's composers are Konishi Kayo and Kondou Yukio.

Track Listings

Elfen Lied Original Soundtrack (Blu-Ray Boxset vers.)
No. Title Length
1. "Lilium ~opening version~"   1:32
2. "渇望 ( Katsubou, Eng: "Craving" )"   2:10
3. "深海 ( Shinkai, Eng: "Deep Sea" )"   2:55
4. "嘘空 ( Uso Sora, Eng: "Empty Space" )"   2:58
5. "輪廻 ( Rinne )"   1:34
6. "回想 ( Kaiso, Eng: "Recollection" )"   1:49
7. "約束 ( Yakusoku, Eng: "Promise" )"   2:10
8. "揺藍 ( Yureai, Eng: "Swaying Cradle" )"   2:32
9. "Lilium ~saint version~"   2:56
10. "花容 ( Hanayou, Eng: "Flower-like Face" )"   1:07
11. "浄罪 ( Jouzai, Eng: "Purgation" )"   1:52
12. "雨露 ( Ametsuyu, Eng: "Rain and dew" )"   2:01
13. "苦悩 ( Kunou, Eng: "Anguish" )"   1:11
14. "憧憬 ( Doukei, Eng: "Longing" )"   1:57
15. "螺旋 ( Rasen, Eng: "Spiral" )"   6:29
16. "Lilium ~violin version~"   2:06

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Unreleased Soundtrack

Despite the release of the two original soundtrack, some of the musical content of Elfen Lied has yet to be released. However, while some of this content can still be heard on the Internet (see videos below), some tracks may have a bad quality depending on the way the source used to extract the audio.


  • The track "Rasen" is often translated as "Neji" by fans due to the similarities of the words. However, the two only share one similar kanji character (Rasen is written as 螺旋 and Neji written as 螺子) which is the root of their respective words: "helix"/"spiral" and "screw."