This Series Glossary utilizes brief descriptions of terms directly and notably associated with the characters, situations, and locations of Elfen Lied. Please refrain from writing descriptions that are over two lines long.

  • Be Your Girl - Music from the closing credits of the anime.
  • Diclonius - A new species of Hominidae; possibly humankind's replacement; Known to have vast telekinetic powers.
  • Jouju-in Temple - A real-life temple and the site of many events in the series.
  • Jouju-in Cemetery - The site of the bloody battle between Lucy and Nana.
  • Kakuzawa Family - The wealthy, powerful and highly-placed family given charge over containing the Diclonius threat; their secret agenda threatens the world.
  • Kamakura Area - The area of coastal Japan where the series takes place.
  • Kamakura Police Department - Police detectives who at least cooperate with the Kakuzawas and perhaps even collaborated with them.
  • Maple House - The former restaurant that is the living quarters of the main cast and one of the series' central locations; also known as Kaede House, or Kaede-Sou as Kaede is Japanese for Maple. Owned by Yuka's Parents.
  • Medical Facility - Seemingly the central health and recovery center in-series for the injured and ill.
  • Original Diclonii - The origins of the Kakuzawa family; A clan of Humans born with fleshy protruding horns atop their heads, persecuted by other Japanese in medieval times; Mistakenly believed they were true Diclonius.
  • Orphanage - A part of Japan's network of Children's Welfare Facilities; As a child, Lucy was miserable there, treated with disdain by staff and students alike; the events here forged her hatred of humanity.
  • Sasuke Inari Shrine - A major shrine from the days of the Kamakura Shogunate; chiefly noted in-series for being the site of a major intimate moment between Kouta and Yuka.
  • Sea Candle - The tower and lighthouse on Enoshima Island that figured prominently in the finales of both the manga and anime versions of the series.
  • Silpelit Diclonii - The secondary group of Diclonius, sterile and rapidly aging, meant to infect human males with the reproductive virus that creates more Diclonii; Most Diclonii in the series are Silpelits, like Nana.
  • Special Assault Team - The cream of the elite of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, well-equipped and trained and skilled enough to deal with any threat - except Lucy.
  • Vector Attack Craft - A vehicular craft of cyber-organic origin meant to fight and oppose Diclonii; Like a tank powered by Diclonii's vectors.
  • Vectors - The mostly invisible, telekinetic arms that Diclonii are able to generate, capable of lifting and cutting, varying widely in amount and power.
  • Virus - The means by which Diclonii meant to displace non-horned humans, by causing their children to be born Diclonius.
  • Yuigahama Beach - The beachfront at the center of many scenes in the series.

"Alright, we're gonna go through some basic terms, because if you don't even know what a 'vector' is, you're gonna have a bad time."

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