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The Battle Of Maple House is the thirteenth story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses events from Chapters eighty-three through eighty-five.


The evening meal and rejoicing over Nozomi's music school entry results become abruptly shattered by a large group of armed soldiers, commanded by Nousou and the Agent and backed up by Mariko's three clones, Alicia, Barbara, and Cynthia. Kouta, Yuka, Mayu, Nana, and Nozomi are all brutally shoved down and yelled at to keep quiet. Nozomi suffers a throat injury as a result, and Kouta's demands to know what's going on only earn him threats from the Agent. Nyu is paralyzed by this noisome spectacle, avoiding immediate recognition as Lucy. Nana grows enraged and attempts to take out the invaders, only to be turned back quickly by the Mariko clones, as well as suffering taunts from Nousou. An enraged Kouta seizes a weapon and threatens him, only to be shot by the Agent. This action, in turn, enrages Nyu into regenerating her horns and gaining her vectors back without turning into Lucy. The invading soldiers end up torn to pieces, including Cynthia. The manner of her death causes Kouta to remember how Kanae died, which, at long last, evokes his repressed childhood memories. Nousou tries to retreat with the remaining clones, but a now awakened and angered Lucy's attack brings down two of the supporting attack helicopters. It seems that, in defiance of his orders to abandon him, he finds that the clones are still loyal to him, and they seemingly perish together under the assault. The Agent manages to trick out a victory by shooting off the first one, and then another of her horns. Kurama reemerges long enough to seize Cynthia's dying body but is still mentally deranged. Briefly, he and Lucy share a bitter memory over her capture and Aiko Takada's fate before Lucy is secured and taken away. At the hospital, a conflict emerges between Yuka and her mother over suspicions that Nana may also pose a danger. Meanwhile, the fates of Kouta and Nozomi remain uncertain, but Nousou and the clone, Barbara, are wounded, but still alive. Seeking distance from Yuka's mother, Nana takes food to a homeless man Mayu has been feeding and found that it is her 'papa,' Kurama, who tries to reject her for Cynthia. Nyu wakes up back at the underground grotto at the Diclonius Research Institute, with her fate placed in the hands of the madman Chief Kakuzawa.

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