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Elfen Lied Tankōbon Volume Four is the fourth collection of the Elfen Lied manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, published by Shueisha, and released in Japan on May 19th, 2003. The cover features a color manga shot of Nana, revealing her manga hair color to be bluish-purple, unlike the pink it is shown to be in the anime.

It makes of up the first part of the second omnibus volume published by Dark Horse Comics released on September 25th, 2019 in North America.

Volume Four contains the following eleven chapters:

Postscripts by Lynn Okamoto:

"This is the fourth Tankobon comic book of Elfen Lied. Every time a new comic book is released, I am seriously worrying about the possibility that nobody is going to buy my book. But thanks to readers like you who have actually this book in your hand, I could continue the story until now. Although this manga is as clunky as ever, It would be big pleasure, if this could gain your favor. See you next time."

Lynn Okamoto, May 24th, 2003 (the date of the first publishing)


  • The date of this volume's postscript is at odds with the publication date of Volume Four as given by Shueisha's documentation.
  • The Weekly Young Jump magazine for which Lynn Okamoto was (and still is) writing a manga has a unique feature which other weekly manga magazines do not have: an evaluation system by readers. If readers' responses and evaluations to each manga is not favorable, that particular manga will eventually be dismissed from the serial publication. He has this evaluation system in his mind when he said "thanks to readers..."; it is possible he could have been forced to stop his second manga Nononono because of that system, as he showed dissatisfaction in his messages by saying he had "No other choice for me but to follow the publisher's decision." (source: Okamoto's twitter message on Dec. 2nd, 2010)