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Hey, folks? Spam or vandalize, and I'll ban you. We try to keep this a free and open Wiki, but myself and a lot of other people put a lot of work in here. Gojirob (talk) 17:17, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

Our Goals (First Stated 12/22/2010) :

1 - To Make The Elfen Lied Wiki the go-to site for thorough and accurate information on the Elfen Lied series, manga and anime. Contributions are welcomed and encouraged, but check your facts versus your opinions.

2 - To Make The Elfen Lied Wiki a model for other animanga and possibly SF/F Wikis. A tall order, but I say, if you are a fan of these ocean-crossing, genre-crossing classics, then it is your duty to help build something that makes it easier for new fans to get into. If you don't want Yuka (or Naru, or Akane or Katara) to be dismissed as annoying-crazy, then take a few minutes to edit and make it happen. Don't take on the entire series. If you're an HP fanatic, you take the Weaseleys while your friend takes Dumbledore's Army, and another handles just the OOTP membership. Be thorough. Where a controversy exists (like with Nana and Number 3 possibly being sisters) make note of it, but don't argue it out with dueling edits. A wiki can be rock-solid or it can be a house of cards. You choose.

3 - To utterly defeat the notion that Elfen Lied is just a bunch of (gore, fetish, fanservice, etc.) -

Lynn Okamoto-san is to be praised. This is a great and complex story, one I believe capable of showing what the genre can really do, but it is tragically open to misinterpretation and easy labeling. My plan as of right now is to complete a series of essays on how things from the real world are depicted in the series, do all 14 complete episode transcripts, and attract fan-works creators to have listings on these pages. Check my work, and better still, add your own. The only thing I'll be resistant to is adding more character entries. I honestly believe we may have nailed them all, especially with the minor characters page adding such people as shopkeepers and random crowds. By having an ultra-coherent resource at the ready, we have something to keep this series from ever being dismissed.


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