Elfen Lied Wiki:Blog Policy

Blogs are open to any and all observations, but here is some food for thought.

  • Keep it relevant: This is a Wiki for Elfen Lied. While larger issues in the world may make you want to speak out, please try and tie it back in to the issues at hand in this fictional series about horned girls, etc.
  • Language, as always. Foul stuff will be edited, its posters warned and maybe banned.
  • If you ever want to argue for a change in Wiki policy, do so politely and coherently.
  • No personal attacks, ever. Quickly banned will you be.
  • Try and vary the posts. A running theme is not bad; Part 417 of "Why Yuka Stinks" may find itself deleted.

These blogs are yours, but they're written on someone else's chalkboards, so use common sense.