Elfen Lied Wiki:Image Policy

Pictures and screencaps

Elfen Lied is a series soaked in blood, sin and horror. That is not all it is, but the imagery in both versions is raw and brutal. Wikias observe the laws and strictures of the primary nations they operate in, and in this case, that means the United States Of America. While the exact wording and validity of laws can and will be debated, for this wiki, take it to mean :

  • No nudity, even mostly innocent nudity from onsen scenes. NO scenes of Mayu being assaulted by her stepfather, ever. Period. No backsides, no chests, no regions normally unseen. This includes much of Okamoto-Sama's sketch art seen included in many scanlations.
  • No gore. Scenes involving the final fates of Kisaragi, Kanae, Saito, or the kids from the orphanage will be removed faster than you can blink. The same goes for any deaths or dismemberments that Lucy brings about.
  • Fast rule : If the pic involves something you would not want to be seen by an easily-offended adult, impressionable teen or small child you know, don't post it.
  • No posting of chapters, for copyright and the reasons listed above.

If, on the other hand, you see a more standard pic but think the quality is lacking, then by all means replace it. Captions on images may be snarky, but they should still be descriptive and not use language questionable by the standards listed above for images.

We are patrolled and checked by senior admins from Wikia, so be aware that nothing will ever be 'snuck in' for very long. Remember, these pics are the quickest reflection on all the work we do here.


This one is harder, but copyright rules and the nature of the series we all love demand this.

  • No episodes posted or linked to. Ever. An automatic one-week ban, even for those ignorant of the rule. Permanent if repeated.
  • No videos taken from the series. It is nearly impossible to find an important scene from the anime that does not involve gore or nudity. The front page video is a rare exception, and it features no real scenes from the action part of the series.
  • Video reviews are only allowed if they do not feature scenes from the anime or foul language.