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"With Wanta in the yard; Life used to be so hard..."

Articles should begin with a short paragraph identifying the subject and who/what they are within the structure of the series. If it is about a character, it should list their place in the series, from protagonist down to minor character. Realistically, these are already covered, so any additional characters should be listed as supporting. As of the present, it seems as though all characters on all levels have been covered, so any new articles should be vetted by the wikia admins for this site.

As to chapters and episodes, while a few oddities exist, most have been covered and even retold in digest format. So again, possible new articles should be vetted by admins.

While some articles will be much shorter than others, stubs are discouraged. We have an entire article devoted to characters who have little or no impact in their appearances, and things like "Jerk who pushes Kaede over at the carnival before slaughter" belong there and not in their own article.

Please do not base edits of characters and events on your own biases or sympathies for the plight of the characters. While it would be nice to think Bando or Lucy did away with Mayu's parents, no evidence exists for that.

The door is always open, but your work will be checked, and, in extreme cases, bans issued for repeated problems.