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Everyone's Hell ( それぞれの地獄 / それぞれのじごく / sorezore no jigoku / Everyone's Own Hell ) is the ninety-sixth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


The senior of the two operatives overseeing the Vector Attack Craft aboard the First Escort Fleet, continues to argue to a doubtful Arakawa that the craft can succeed in finally killing Lucy. This objective he says is a goal made necessary by Arakawa, and her fellows at the late Diclonius Research Institute placing Humans on the verge of extinction, and a very personal goal to him, whose daughter he euthanized when she was born Diclonius, his ability to have more children removed forever. Besides killing Lucy, their secondary goal is to secure any and all research files about the virus. Arakawa reveals the existence and subsequent loss of the Anti-Diclonius Birth vaccine she made, kept a secret to keep Kakuzawa from killing her.

As suspicion begins to build of Arakawa's claims (not helped by her state of dress) the lead operative decides he must return to the island and try and rescue the vaccine. Arakawa says that is impossible, due to the clone uprising and the imminent sinking of the island. The craft, which like an organic Diclonius can sense the presence of others, finds a large concentration in the isle all headed to one spot, to which Arakawa, suddenly alert, demands access. Feeling confident that even a set-up or ambush cannot harm his craft, the operative guides the craft to the beach, where it cuts through a large concentration of Diclonius, which, as Arakawa hoped, was gathered around her vaccine heavy-box laden with samples and files.

"Your praying is in vain. It'll all be over soon."

Just as Diana sensed what it was, so did they, and Arakawa exits the craft to get the vaccine, with the vector craft backing her up. She retrieves it, realizing it only survived because the clone Diclonii had no idea what to do with the box, only that it represented a threat. She mourns the loss of the Agent but is relieved that he did not die in vain. Reveling in their luck and yet also wary of it, the operative and his crew begin to withdraw as the island at last quickly begin to sink, as they try and get Arakawa back inside. To Arakawa and the team's horror, but to the operative's delight, a series of new tremors appears to have as its source none other than Lucy herself.


  • Mayu and Wanta once more stand together, with Maple House so far in the background, it seems more like they are standing in front of a separate portrait of it. Also, while Mayu is wearing the top sweater she fled her mother's home in, she is at last also wearing a skirt with it as well.