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Cosplayer: Houdzuki Ren (邦月 蓮)

I found these Cosplay Photos of Lucy by chance and thought it was worth sharing those photos, although some viewers might think the clotted blood is too much. Looks to me realistic, though. These cosplay photos were taken at a professional photo studio and uploaded by her in January 2017. Being an enthusiastic cosplayer, she rented the studio. Got her permission to post them here on the condition that her name is mentioned and also that a remark is to be added, that is "Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited". So I added her name and the remark on each photo.

Her interest in cosplaying is not limited to Eflen Lied but also many other anime characters. For further details, see: http://www.cosp.jp/photo_search.aspx?n1=289184

(Uploader: yoshik)