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"We can't use the Over 9000 meme here - it belongs to DBZ Abridged!"

I made the only (currently) complete version of Elfen Lied: The Abridged Series . As might be expected, it's extremely NSFW.

Liberties I took with the source material

In order to keep the flow of the video, I cut rather large sections of the anime. These cuts include Mayu's appearances before she meets Nana (I thought it was a sub plot too far and only introduced her when it was absolutely necessary) her entire relationship with Kouta/Yuka (I made her another sister to Kouta instead of some random girl they keep at their house) and I cut the entire episode where they go to the university.

With all this in mind, it's quite odd that I consider this to be a good abridged series because I respect the source material so much. 

Elfen Lied was one of my favorite anime for a long, long time. When I re-watched it to write the script for this series, though, what really struck me was how... inconsistent it was. The vast majority of Elfen Lied is truly epic. It's emotional, it's heart felt, it's touching. Whole sections (of the anime at least) are just a complete mess, though. Bando just disappears and that subplot with the Director of the Institute never goes anywhere. Making something like an abridged series is an opportunity to cut sections like this and focus on the really good bits.