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Hauptman is a user on the Elfen Lied Wiki as well as a fanfiction author on FanFiction.net. Give them a read and please let me know what you think of them.

Story warning: these contain strong language as well as graphic content, shouldn't come as a surprise given that this is Elfen Lied we are talking about. Viewer discretion is advised, I mean it, you have been warned.


Herald of Damnation

Summary; 6 months have passed since her seeming demise following a near fatal encounter with SAT, allowing Lucy and the residents of Maple Inn a time of peace but with the near completion of the "Lebensborn" project chief Kakuzawa once more set his plan into motion and this time there will be no respite for Lucy or the diclonius as the game pieces are moved.

- Taking the Elfen Lied basic storyline and combining elements of both the anime and manga, while adding, new concepts and plottwists to bring more trouble to the residents of the maple inn. Heavy focus on Silpelit # 28.

Progeny of Sorrows

Summary; With the death of Lucy it was believed for the Diclonius to have gone extinct. 14 months following the lighthouse incident the few surviving Diclonius along with the humans who know the truth try to live out their peaceful lives in a city that is rebuilding in the aftermath of Lucy's retaliation. New challenges and trials await them in this new life.

- The sequel to Herald of Damnation, I have always wanted to look further at how how the people of Kamakura and Japan itself would continue with their lives following the lighthouse incident. A small part of it is shown in the last pages of the final chapter but I believe there is so much more to be explored, most of all how would this world be for those diclonius that have managed to survive and to see them adapting to a world which for the most part is unaware of them.