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"Dear Kouta...you're not in this story."

JRB95 is a fanfiction writer on FanFiction.net. He wrote stories on various shows, but is best known for his Elfen Lied fiction Family Sticks Together. The story probably appealed well to the audience because it shows how an external viewer would have made his/her mark in the anime. JRB95 is currently working on the second installment of the 'Angel Duology', Elfen Lied: Dark Seraphim.

Family Sticks Togther

"You're my sister! You are worth more than a thousand lives to me! Who cares what you did! We are still family and no matter what happens, family sticks together! Got it?"


Family Sticks Together is a story that closely follows the original premise of the series. The main difference is the addition of the author's original character. The boy, named Alex, begins as a young boy of eleven who is sent to live at an orphanage by his uncaring uncle. There he meets with Kaede and, unlike all the other children, quickly befriends her. The two get closer as time goes by and, with time, come to see each other as siblings. However, the encounter with the girl and a dark secret from his past trigger a chain of events that make Alex's life tumultuous to say the least.

Important Original Characters

  • Alex -  A childhood friend of Kaede who shares some of her painful memories. Separated           from his 'sister' at the age of sixteen, Alex's goal is reuniting with her and at the                 same time bring misery to those responsible for her imprisonment.
  • Zale -  Alex's father and the origin of the boy's 'gift'. Little is known about him, except that              he had some connection to the Diclonius Research Institute
  • Asuka - The boy's mother. The only known thing about her is that her love for her son                    knew no bounds.

Elfen LIed: Dark Seraphim

"You are the one who connects us all. It's up to you now…"

―Line from the 'promo'.

The sequel to Family Sticks Together is still in the works and deals with what happens after the conclusion of the first story. Dark Seraphim follows a new original character named Leon Zoroaster, a private in the U.S. Marines sent to investigate the diclonii case. A short promo of sorts for this story was published as an extra chapter in Family Sticks Together, showing various fragments of the story and some quotes. With this story the author intends to also uncover some events on Zale's backstory. It will officially end the series and is said to be based off of the anime more than the manga.


  • Alex was originally supposed to not have any description about his appearance. This was done in order to let the readers imagine the boy's appearance as they liked.
  • The series was initially intended to be a trilogy with Zale's life being exposed in a separate prequel.
  • The author considered pairing Alex and Yuka together, but decided against it not knowing how the readers would react.