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In Drabble For The Soul, it could happen...

Maiko2853 is a writer who frequents the Elfen Lied Fan Website and has posted many fanfic works there, showing a great savvy and love not only for the series itself, but for the fandom surrounding the series, and blending it all together.

Maiko2853's main series, Drabble For The Soul, treats many of the instances of Elfen Lied history, and turns them on their heads. Heroes become villains; both make the very worst choices, the unthinkable becomes the livable, and asking what's for dinner can be a very bad idea.

The Adventures Of Elfen Lied offers some decidedly more humorous takes and twists on the situations of the series, especially among the second and third-tier characters, and offers up some fun and laughs for those weary of the downside.

A few words from the author :

Hello Everyone. My name is Jacob Niko Baker, though many people online refer to me as Maiko2853. I have written a few fan works for Elfen Lied that are linked on this page. They can be found at either the Elfen Lied Fan-site which I frequent more these days, or at my much older Fan-fiction.net account. My love for this series is immeasurable, for no other story has managed to jerk at my emotions and make me feel to the extent this one has and keep me permanently interested. I consider "Drabble for the Soul" and "The Adventures of Elfen Lied" my greatest fan works.

My lack of planning and foresight is an extreme limitation in my writing skills. It has sometimes kept me from being able to fully express my love for the Elfen Lied story. I have adopted sticking to shorter story drabbles as a result of this. My stories don't really have any repeating elements other than adding twist endings. Sometimes for the better; at other times for the worst; occasionally I'll leave it up to the viewers opinion on whether it's a happy ending or not.

{C}Why? Because I immensely enjoy screwing around with people's heads.

Disclaimer: The following stories are fan made parodies. Elfen Lied belongs to manga writer Lynn Okamoto and anime director Mamoru Kanbe. Please support the official release.