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Mariko091 is an Elfen Lied fan from Germany who likes to use art to present our horned girls and their friends in ways you may have never seen before, creative ways that show a new side to the characters.

Some of Mariko091's works :

From YouTube : In these, we see Lucy and Nana made from a mod on Love-Death 555, making the pair look more Moe and kawaii than usual





Some words from the creator of these works :

(Elfen Lied Mod for Love death 555)
I modded the Japanese game Love death 555 (らぶデス555) so that you are able to play as Lucy or Nana and you can also interact with Lucy or Nana (You can play as Lucy and then interact with Nana or vice verse and you also can play as one of the other characters of the game and interact with Lucy and/or Nana). I used the program Texmod to make this, i changed the textures of four clothing items, two hairstyles and all eye expressions of one of the characters.
Here are two pictures of my Mod:

If you have any questions about the Mod (how to get it and/or how to install it) post them into this ELF-Thread:
or post a comment on one of the YouTube videos above.
You can find general information about the game here:
http://scratchpad..._Death_555 and