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If you thought she went through the wringer in the main series...

Nana's Everyday Life is a web comic that tells the story of a chibi version of Nana who suffers every indignity ever imagined, even more so than her canon counterpart. At several points, its story crosses over with Gunslinger Girl.

The webcomic is a black comedy, deriving its humor from Nana being subjected to long chains of cruel actions by other characters. The subject matter can be very depressing and disturbing, so please read it at your own discretion.

With its own TV Tropes page.

Cameos from Elfen Lied characters

In canon, Nana comes to live at the Maple House with Lucy/Nyuu, Mayu, Nozomi (manga only), Yuka, and Kouta, but in this comic, she lives alone on the street. However, her friends in the series do show up in the comic at different points. Mayu and Kurama appear more than once and thus their appearances won't be documented below.

  • #005: Where's Lucy? Lucy/Nyuu, appears in the street, resembling a dog. Nana shows excitement at seeing a "doggy," and Lucy kills her by cutting her head and arms off. The death is retconned immediately afterward.
  • #009: Hello, Yuka! Yuka and Kouta are talking and happen upon Nana in her box. When Kouta reacts to Nana with "L...Loli...", Yuka punches both her and the box away into the air to presumably prevent Nana from becoming a rival for Kouta's attention.
  • #013: New Year's Miracle Mariko appears with Kurama.


  • In the canon anime, Nana is given prosthetic limbs after losing her real ones, but in the fanon comic, she isn't given any prosthetic limbs. Instead, she appears to use her vectors to move around.