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Cover Art for Ten years later

Elfen Lied: Ten Years later takes place ten years prior to the events of the Elfen Lied Manga. It stars Lucy as she has been given a second chance at life and how it affects Kouta, Yuka, Nana, Nozomi and Kouta's Daughter. Taking a realistic turn in the effect that the Vector Virus had developed too fast for the Anti-Virus to take affect. Through out the story you learn about the past years for all the characters and what has changed at the Maple Inn and throughout the world. A new Original Character by the name of Roxie comes into play when Anna Kakuzawa picks up where her father couldn't succeed. 

Chapter 1 is tame but still slightly gruesome. This fan fiction is rated M and is not for anybody under the age of 17. Later you will understand why. 

Link to Chapter 1; Elfen Lied: Ten Years Later Chapter 1