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Ame is a young male diclonius that escaped the facility long before Lucy arrived and is now roaming the streets of the city in search for blood and survival.


Ame has light pink hair, dark pink eyes, white skin like most of his kind and he has white cat ear like horns sticking out of each side of his head and he wears a black hoodie, blue jeans, and white and black sneekers.


Ame is first shown to be a silent and loner type but in reality he's a cold blooded and sadistic killer. Although he shows little to no emotion he loves to kill and won't hesitate to strike down his victims any chance he get's. Like most diclonius he loves to cut limbs with his vectors but he only does it to torture his victims if he feels that they deserve to suffer before they die and if he feels that his victims aren't suitable for torture he breaks their necks or chops/pulls their heads off. The reason for Ame's murderous ways is because of his hatred for humans. Yes in a way he and Lucy are the same but he's twice as vicious and powerful as her. But he has a soft side for other diclonius and unlike Lucy he refuses to kill any of his kind and whenever he finds a child like him who's born with horns like him he does whatever he can to make them feel loved but he holds nothing but hate and disgust for humans and will kill anyone of them on the spot with out a care in the world.


Like most other diclonius Ame spent a majority of his life isolated and imprisoned in a facility where he and other captured diclonius reside. He like all the others was treated very badly and he was tortured by painful experiments until one day when he turned 5 years old he escaped the facility the same way lucy did (but he was actually the first one to escape before her years before.) and he's been on the run ever since.


He has 24 vectors with a 20 meter range and he's very athletic.