It's useless! I can't hit it.

Security Guard, shooting at Lucy, and first stating what may as well be an in-series meme concerning most firearms

This is a listing of the various firearms seen in use in the anime version of the Elfen Lied series. For the most part, the firearms seen in the manga version are much harder to determine with any real accuracy. While they may in fact be identical to those shown in the anime and are certainly the same type, a true determination is impossible. A separate listing below will speak broadly of these.

Weapons are listed here by order of appearance in the episode: images shown are merely the best visual representation in-series and do not necessarily follow this order.

Admin's Note : Any and all debate over the nature of firearms, for or against, is flatly forbidden here. The issue is far too contentious, and in any event can not be settled here. These weapons are a part of the Elfen Lied universe, and most who use them in it have reasons for using them, in situations and with outlooks that render any such debate totally moot.

Episode 1

Image Name Description
EL Revolver
New Nambu Model 60
Most security guards in the Diclonius Research Institute have New Nambu Model 60 revolvers as their sidearms.
EL 1 MP5 (5)
H & K MP5
A standard sidearm of the security guards inside the facility, and at its exit..
EL AT Rifle
A AW50F is used by a guard against Lucy in a last-ditch attempt to thwart her escape, using the .50 BMG mass and velocity to penetrate Lucy's vectors.
SIG-Sauer P226
The sidearm for police officers and S.A.T. forces, most noticeable scene is when Bando, while shipping out to locate "Lucy", threatens one of his squad mates with a stainless steel SIG-Sauer P226. Police officers apprehending Lucy when she was a child are armed with the P226 as well.

Episode 2

Image Name Description
Lucy with a gun
H & K MP5
Used by Special Assault Team members and Lucy.
Elfen Lied Grenade
M26 Hand Grenade
S.A.T. member Satou carries a M26 hand grenade.

Episode 4

Image Name Description
EL 4 MP5
H & K MP5
S.A.T. officers stand in shock with their MP5A5s when Chief Kurama, unprotected and unarmed, punches "Lucy" in the face.
Sat sniper
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
An S.A.T. sniper in Episode 4 attempted to shoot Lucy with an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle, but misses.

Episode 6

Image Name Description
EL Deagle 3
Desert Eagle
Bando threatens Nana.

Episode 7

Image Name Description
EL 7 Deagle (2)
Desert Eagle
Bando threatens Nana.

Episode 8

Image Name Description
SIG-Sauer P220
Chief Kakuzawa, the head of the Diclonius Research Institute, uses a stainless-steel Minebea P9, which is a Japanese licensed copy of the SIG-Sauer P220.

Episode 10

Image Name Description
EL 10 Revolver
New Nambu Model 60
A guard fires his revolver at Diclonius #3, who deflects the rounds easily.
Elfen Lied Pistol 1
Glock 17
Policemen with their poorly-rendered Glock 17 pistols as they encounter a diclonius.
Professor Kakuzawa uses a FAMAS G2 in episode 10 to kill the escaped Number 3, stating that while the Diclonius' vectors can block normal bullets such as the MP5 9mm rounds, it can't stop an armor-piercing round such as the 5.56 so easily.

Episode 11

Image Name Description
EL Deagle
Desert Eagle
Bando raises his Desert Eagle on Kurama for disturbing his trash gathering.
EL 11 MP5 (2)
H & K MP5
Guards rush in to secure Number 35 "Mariko".

Episode 12

Image Name Description
EL Deagle 2
Desert Eagle
Bando with his Desert Eagle as he reswears vengeance on Lucy when he meets her again.
EL 12 MP5 (3)
H & K MP5
Used by S.A.T.

Episode 13

Image Name Description
EL 13 Deagle
Desert Eagle
Bando's Desert Eagle in the surf, after he again fails to defeat Lucy.
A pistol from the M1911 series, used by Doctor Kurama in the final episode.
Elfen Lied pistol
SIG-Sauer P220
Isobe pulls out SIG-Sauer P220 pistol when he attempts to kill Nana.
Elfen Lied MP5
H & K MP5
Used by S.A.T. forces at the final battle wth Lucy.


Image Name Description
EL OVA 226 (1)
SIG-Sauer P220
The S.A.T. members arresting Lucy and Aiko Takada in the OVA also have the Minebea P9 which is a Japanese licensed copy of the SIG-Sauer P220 as their weapon of choice..
Elfen Lied Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle
Bando takes aim with his pistol at Nana.

In The Manga (Basic descriptions list only)

  • Chapters 3, 4, 5 - Assault rifles, used by Satou, Bando and Lucy; Grenade on Satou's body, which Bando attempts to explode when Lucy passes by
  • Chapters 15 and 16 - Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Revolvers used by Kurama's team as they rescue Nana and attempt to capture Lucy
  • Chapters 40, 41, and 42 - Two guns, likely Desert Eagle-types, capable of firing 50-caliber tungsten bullets, used by Bando in his fight against Nana
  • Chapter 59 - Handguns used by SWAT Police responding to a murder call, to kill the Ambush Diclonius when she attacked them during their raid
  • Chapters 64, 65, 66, 67, and 70 - Soldiers, possibly police, armed with assault rifles, fighting Mariko and being killed by Lucy
  • Chapter 64 - Harpoon missle that was originally developed as an anti-ship missle in the 60's but later SLAM (Standoff Land Attack Missile) was further developed directly based on the harpoon missle in the 90's.
Leon cocking his Desert Eagle

"No way you can borrow this, Bando--I have problems of my own!

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