We don't even use this kind of power when transporting plutonium!

The Fleet Second in Command, questioning the use of the First Escort

The First Escort Fleet was under orders to transport the vector-based machine-tanks to Chief Kakuzawa's island, a project overseen by two operatives from the Japanese government. It was claimed to be strong enough to take on both North and South Korea's navy. Most ships in the fleet are Kongo/Arleigh Burke class, though only 4 of them are named. It is unknown if they are the same fleet that attacked Lucy with Standard SM3 missiles.

After the final battle with Lucy, about 1/3 of real-world Japan's naval power ended up sunk. Also lost were many thousands of professional sailors and officers. Presumably, this compromised Japan's ability to defend itself during the Diclonius War.

Ships in the fleet included:

  • The Arii - flooded after encountering a 30m wave generated by Lucy.
  • The Imai - capsized along with the Arii after encountering the 30m wave.
  • The Hasegawa - flooded after encountering the 30m wave and was unable to steer towards the island.
  • The Fuyou - an escort vessel.
  • The Flagship was able to get Arakawa back onto the island and safely depart with the Anti-Diclonius Birth Vaccine, guided to it by the presence of hundreds of Clone Diclonii who sought to destroy it. Lucy's final acts of rage destroyed it. It is not Kirishima or Kongo as some fanfiction says.

The First Escort Fleet

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