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Flashback ( フラッシュバック ) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series, and the last chapter of Volume Four.


Kanae is hoisted off the floor of the train, and split in half above the waist by Lucy's vectors, causing a heartbroken Kouta to rush to her side. He gingerly cradles her upper torso and breaks down into tears while Lucy taunts him and laughs at his pain. Kouta laments that Kanae will now never be able to forgive his harsh words. Enraged, his father charges at her to avenge Kanae's death, only to be instantaneously decapitated. Pleading to an uncomprehending Lucy, Kouta demands to know why she did this since he thought that they were friends. She coldly asserts that it is only because of their friendship that she spared his life as well. He bitterly realizes that he will never be able to apologize to Kanae or hear her forgiveness for him calling her a liar. Upon hearing that she plans to kill Yuka next, he rises in a rage and pounces on her, demanding that she stop killing people. Realizing that, far from making him hers alone, she has likely driven him away forever, Lucy escapes the train, leaving a wailing Kouta alone in the blood-stained train car. Atop a hillside, she tearfully watches the train leave and the narrative at last returns to the present day.

She's fallen farther than any child ever should.

In the present, Lucy is still waiting as Kouta and Yuka search for Nyu, just as he begins to spot her, unwittingly triggering a flashback of the night of his family's murder aboard the train. Repressing the painful memory once again, he turns away with Yuka and sees Lucy/Nyu atop the stairwell, asking if she is alright.


  • This chapter ends the series' first extended flashback.
  • The chapter cover features the only appearance on these for Kanae, perhaps looking dejected at not being believed before her untimely death.