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Gokurakuji Train Station is part of the Japanese railway system serving the Kamakura Area. It is the site of at least two major events in the Elfen Lied universe.

Though its design appears rustic, the station is part and parcel of Japan's modern network of railway systems.


The stairs to Joju-in Temple near Gokurakuji Station. Kouta and Yuka reunited here in the anime's first episode.

The station is first seen when Yuka is waiting there for Kouta to arrive. When he doesn't arrive at the time, she departs and makes her way to the stairs to Jouju-in Temple, where she catches up to him. These stairs are featured again in Episode 13, where Lucy and Kouta have their tearful reunion.

The station is the location where Kouta and his family leave the sad events at the Kamakura end-of-summer festival. The station is their unwitting gateway to more sadness, as they face the wrath of a jealous and misguided Lucy on their train, resulting in the double murders of Kouta's father and Kanae.

One manga chapter cover features Nyu waiting at a train station as though leaving. Nyu never boards a train in-story, and the station in question appears to be Kamakura Koko Mae (High School) Station, and not Gokurakuji.