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Grin ( 嗤い / あざわらい / azawarai / Sardonic Laughter ) is the sixty-third chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters sixty-three through seventy-one is also available.


Inside the Diclonius Research Institute, Shirakawa uses her access to finally enter a secret room to stop the secret plans of Chief Kakuzawa. To her horror, the materials in the room are already removed, indicating that those plans are either near or at the completion stage.

At the Kamakura beachfront, Isobe screams in pain and agony at his severed arm while Mariko chides her father, Kurama, for the pain and loneliness she had suffered all her life. Through his suffering, Isobe realizes that the timer on the explosives in Mariko's body is down to three minutes and that unless he can recover the remote from his missing arm, she may take all of them out when she explodes. Wondering if Nana's death would hurt Kurama more than her own, she begins to strangle Nana, only to be cut off by a shell fired from a bazooka held by the reluctant helper, Bando.

When he fires off another round, Mariko easily blocks it, but Bando had foreseen this and used a pistol to explode the shell from a distance. When Isobe taunts the stunned Mariko about the two minutes she has remaining, he is surprised when she uses his belt to tie up the arm-stump, citing how her arm was taken by his people, and claiming to wish him no ill will.

Seemingly resigned to her fate, Mariko gazes at the sky and realizes that she will never see it again, but would rather die quickly, having seen the outside world than live any longer in a place where she is hated, and her father wants to kill her. A sympathetic Isobe tells her not to give up and asks her to reconcile with Kurama, but she feels it is already far too late, given her actions.

Trying to snap her out of this suicidal funk, Isobe screams at her, saying he can no longer input the pass-code to keep her from exploding, but she can, and he offers it up. Mariko turns, grins wickedly, and reveals that she has been deceiving him by playing on his sympathies, seizes the phone, enters the code and leaves him just enough time to realize Mariko's trick before she beheads him, with her swearing then to kill everyone.


  • Though he is ultimately killed by a diclonius in either version, in the anime, Isobe is killed by Lucy after he attempts to kill Nana. Naturally, he is much less sympathetic in the anime when he dies.
  • Just as an on an earlier chapter cover, Nyu is in a school uniform, but now in her present-day body, and the fit seems just a bit off.