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Heartbreak ( 断腸 / だんちょう / danchou ) is the seventieth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


As the legless Mariko tumbles and screams in pain, being rendered unable to use her vectors, Lucy gloats and cackles out loud, again promising that she would kill Kurama only after the murder of everyone that is important to him. Kurama offers her his life in exchange for leaving Mariko alone and ignores Nana's tearful pleas for him not to take such risks.

Shirakawa, feeling guilty over her role in matters, makes a show of embracing him. Telling Kurama about the bombs, the remote, she confesses that, while Chief Kakuzawa ordered some control mechanism for Mariko, it was her who suggested the bombs, out of bitter jealousy of his daughter by another woman.

Feeling that she cannot confess her love to him before making an atonement, Shirakawa approaches Lucy and demands the remote, which she taunts her with until she seizes it and throws it to Kurama, giving him the bombs' cancellation code as well. Although, Lucy not only destroys the remote but decapitates her as well.

As the soldiers present open fire, Lucy slashes them all to bits, taunting Kurama and Nana that their time has come. The bleeding and doomed Mariko grips at her leg, saying she will protect the father she despises for his mistreatment of her, and yet treasures, for a short time spent with him, no matter the cost, for she loves him with all her heart.


  • In one of his few chapter cover appearances, Kouta joins the cast members waving at the readers.