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Helpless (無力; Muryoku) is the seventy-ninth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Anna Kakuzawa tells her father that the time when he will recapture Lucy is near. The exultant Chief Kakuzawa tells his staff to summon Doctor Nousou, known to be an eccentric who eats only candy. Inside the monitor station, Nousou observes the systematic 'harvesting' of the spinal columns of a vast number of Diclonii, their upper skeletons suspended along an assembly line. He and his staff appear to have no problem with this except a slowdown in production.

At the Maple House, Kouta becomes increasingly worried for Nyu, Nana, and Mayu, all of whom said they would be right back but have now are taking much longer than expected. He considers Arakawa's warning, concerning horned girls and considers seeking her help in finding his friends.

Nyu wakes up in the forest, in pain from the spiked ball wound and remembering only Bando shooting her before drawing a blank. In pain and through tears, she calls to the members of her family at the Maple House.

In the forest shelter, Nana greets Mayu from her time of cleaning the beach. When Mayu suggests they go back to Maple House, Nana refuses, feeling that she brings horrible tragedies like the Unknown Man and the death of Bando down on her friends. Mayu finally persuades Nana to tell her full life story, including everything she knows about Nyu. Mayu still has trouble believing Nyu could be a mass killer, despite Lucy herself having almost killed her only a day ago, and notwithstanding the evidence of Nana's limbs. Unaware that a horrified Nyu hears every word they say, Nana tells Mayu that she has vowed to kill Lucy next chance she gets, no matter the cost, even if she is Nyu at the time. By the time Mayu hears a noise, Nyu is well away from the pair, sitting and crying her eyes out.

At the Diclonius Research Institute, the Chief requests a progress report from Nousou, since the Chief expects to have Lucy recaptured soon. Taking Kakuzawa to a dungeon-like lab inside the facility, he shows him a series of Clone Diclonii, most of whom are born horribly disfigured, except for the four that he keeps separate from the others, all wearing Diclonius restraint helmets, whom he describes as 'their side's Diclonii.'


  • On this chapter's cover, Yuka once more looks a bit of the cheerleader, but now also a bit tired and relaxing.