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Hide and Seek ( かくれんぼ / kakurenbo ) is the forty-fifth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Nozomi's singing continues to enchant, and her situation continues to worry both Kouta and Yuka, with Kouta refusing to divulge any information about her bladder problem. While the cousins have a mild argument, Mayu ducks out to take Wanta for a walk.

On the streets of Kamakura, a lonely and dejected Nana walks around and assumes that everyone is staring at the poor condition of her clothes, but is unaware that it is likely her exposed horns that are drawing attention. Having nowhere to go, she believes that she must find and kill Lucy so that she and Kurama can live together as he promised. Feeling hungry and having no concept of the money that he gave her, Nana tries to buy food at a seaside stand, never realizing that she has more than enough. She ends up turned away.

Wandering back without realizing it to the site of her savage battle with Lucy, she begins to cry until Wanta leaves his leash and runs to her while bringing Mayu close behind. Upon seeing her limbs very much intact, Mayu decides that she must have hallucinated the horrific battle. However, when Nana loses control and drops one of her legs, Mayu faints and then wakes up with Nana in a small building inside the cemetery grounds, where she takes immediate note of her horns, thinking of Nyu. Comically, the unworldly Nana even refers to Wanta as a creature, having never seen a dog before. When Mayu shows she has no problem with her horns, she asks that they become friends, since she is alone with nothing and nowhere else to go. Sensing a kindred spirit and having questions about her connection to Nyu, Mayu gladly agrees to become her friend, just before she shrieks in horror at the realization that the small fire Nana has lit is fueled by burning money, with kindling made from prayer-inscribed pieces of fencing.


  • The structures that Nana flees to throughout the series vary by chapter/episode and by version, with her fleeing to the Forest Rest Shelter in the manga and the Michibiki Jizoudou in the anime.
  • Yuka appears on the chapter cover in a school uniform, perhaps looking as she did when she and Nozomi first met.