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Wait for me at the stone steps!

Lucy, in Anime Episode 12, setting up a sad but tender moment in sight of the temple

Jouju-in Temple (成就院) is one of the sights commonly seen in the Elfen Lied manga/anime series. It is one of several important and magnificent Buddhist Temples around which many of the events in Elfen Lied take place.

The temple is well known for its abundance of hydrangea flowers, which draw many visitors when in bloom. In 2015, the temple authorities refurbished the steps and replaced the hydrangea bushes, many of which were more than 50 years old. The site was not opened to the public again until 2018.

In the series

The temple is located nearby to the Gokurakuji Train Station, where Kouta leaves Kamakura as a child and returns as a young adult as the series begins. Located near the large steps the characters often find themselves on, this happens mainly when one of them flees from the others. Each of the older main characters has pleasant childhood memories of the view from these steps. One account has Kanae enjoying it as well.

Being major tourist attractions, this and other temples and their environs (including the burial grounds where Nana first fought with Lucy) are not deserted as depicted in the series.  Further, the temple steps are closed in the late afternoon or early evening.