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Kanae ( カナエ ) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Kouta has a hard time believing that the killer Kanae describes could be his friend. Survivors at the fair speculate that a bomb was responsible for the deaths, staring in horror at the carnage, while a satisfied Lucy slips away with the knowledge that no one can see her 'arms,' enabling her to kill with ease.

Back at the home of Yuka's mother, Kanae continues to insist that a horned girl killed the twelve people and that she could see Lucy's vectors, but Kouta repeats the assertion that it was a bomb explosion. Both he and Yuka express disappointment about the murders accelerating the choice of Kouta and Kanae's father to end their vacation and go home. Yuka and her mother see them off at the train station, unaware that Lucy is lying in wait. She breaks down in tears, demanding that he remember her and come back next year, which he promises along with a confession that he likes her too. A jealous Kanae kicks her twice and insults her as Kouta wonders why he confessed to her and regrets that his friend is not there to see him off as well.

The last peaceful moment for Kouta's family.

As the family rides home aboard the train, Kouta thinks of Yuka while Kanae is still bitter and wishes that the horned girl she described would kill him as well. He is harsh with her and says that (what he considers) her constant lying will make him hate her. Tearful, Kanae begs him not to hate her but reacts badly to his continued assertion that she is lying about the horned girl. Stalking off angrily while still insisting her story is true, Kanae, to her horror, notices Lucy seated nearby.

Kouta is at first delighted to see her, and she says she wished to surprise him. Still able to see the vectors as they form around his legs, Kanae pushes her back, demanding she not murder her brother and urging him to run. Angry, Kouta slaps her and tells her that he hates her for her incessant lying. As a heartbroken Kanae pleads for him to believe her and not hate her, she's torn in half right before his eyes.


  • Kanae's apparent ability to see vectors appears to be unique to her and how she's able to see them is never adequately explained. Vectors sometimes become visible later in the series, but only at a very high vibration frequency. It is also possible that Lucy's rage made her vectors visible, but since the other festival-goers didn't seem to notice them, this is unlikely, though the horror of what they witnessed could have drawn them away from noticing.
  • Young Lucy appears in a school uniform on this chapter's cover.