Knot ( 結び目 / むすびめ / musubi-me ) is the thirtieth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Mayu runs over to Bando and expresses relief that he is alive and seemingly well, but not recognizing her, he brushes her off and pushes her aside. Mayu, for her part, is grateful that he is still alive, and warns him when he is about to make a misstep, due to his adjustment to his new artificial eyes. He then recognizes her voice from when he was wounded and expresses disgust that her actions place him in her debt. He demands that she ask for something in return, but she insists that she wants nothing, a concept that he generally can't handle. Explaining that this is merely a matter of his pride, he writes her a promissory note guaranteeing that he will be on her call if she needs saving, settling this debt in his mind. As Mayu and Wanta take note of some approaching rain, he pivots and asks if she knows any girls with horns, to which she brings up the subject of Nyu, who obviously has horns.

Caught in the sudden downpour while looking for Nyu, Kouta and Yuka seek shelter and have an awkward moment as Yuka adjusts her wet clothes, ending as it does on many such occasions with Kouta getting slapped for his interests. Realizing they are trapped until the rain lets up, she complains about the cold, until she is pulled in closer towards Kouta, with it becoming an embrace of sorts. She is first both aroused and worried that her panties are exposed. The closeness and intimacy of the moment continue to excite her. Kouta's efforts to straighten and adjust his leg up sexually to arouse his cousin and he find himself a bit lost in the feeling as well. Despite her upbringing, she finds herself wishing he would move his legs more to stimulate her, though she realizes that he is sure to catch on. This passion culminates in her directly asking him if he likes her and then regretting it while she worries over his answer. While he says that he still can't remember their childhood together, Kouta responds by saying he's liked her ever since then. No longer regretting the relative boldness of this move, the two, at last, share their first kiss.


  • This chapter establishes the at times tumultuous relationship between Mayu and Bando and confirms Yuka's feelings for Kouta aren't one-sided.
  • Yuka, in what is perhaps a play on words, is wearing a traditional yukata on this chapter's cover.


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