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Maple House (楓荘, lit. "Maple Manor"; also known as Maple Inn, Kaede-So, or Kaede-House) is the home in Kamakura that Kouta and soon after Yuka stay in while attending college.

In the series

Yuka's mother allows Kouta to live in the restaurant-turned-home for free as long as he maintains the grounds. It would later house Nyu, as well as Yuka, who came back to make sure nothing happened between an unsupervised Kouta and Nyu. Then, they adopted Mayu, who ran away from her abusive parents, as well as taking in Nana, released from the Diclonius Research Institute by Kurama. In the manga, Yuka's friend Nozomi, a regular visitor studying for a music school unbeknownst to her father, moved in permanently after passing her exams. Wanta mostly stays outside in a doghouse by the front entrance unless inclement weather forces him inside.

Floorplan of the Maple House's first floor

Maple House serves as the central location of the series where the majority of events take place. In a later manga chapter, the house is the scene of a massive and brutal paramilitary assault to recapture Lucy/Nyu, requiring it to be repaired as the series concludes.


  • Interestingly, Lucy's actual name is Kaede as well.
  • It seems to be a staple of so-called 'harem' series that a spacious edifice once used for another purpose serves as the primary setting and dwelling for the major characters.